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is it his mayo accent that puts ye off


Yeah it’s the accent


He’d have got 2 games in the OBC and then, as the legendary Jim Bowen used to say, his BFH …


Let’s just left it right there …


They bring it on themselves. The team, players and fans are annoying, they deserve stick in my opinion, plus its amusing, there is some Dub over on GAA boards whos a genius at it and is calling them out for what they are.


So true, and they do notin but give us stick, from what I hear, im not in their fan club


Lads I’ve a few mates from Mayo. Genuine supporters who’ll back their own and fight their corner but they are perfectly aware of where Mayo are at and that a few players have let the side down when really needed. They have always given Dublin our fair due when we beat them, like I did when they beat us.
Of course they have their sizeable portion of loons.
Just wouldn’t tar them all with the same brush. A lot of very sound and knowledgeble Mayo supporters out there.
I’m not a fan of a lot of their players at all though.


Are you their amigo ?


Just going to leave this here


Oh for the love of god. Unbridgeable Chasm. It was all great when Kerry were cleaning up every other year. Not like Dublin have smashed Mayo in the final, could have gone either way and we’ve several Dublin all time greats close to the end of their careers.


Good man Pat, make sure Leitrim get access to all those Kerry 4-in-a-row winning minors who will never get to play senior county football in their native county.

The bindo will publish any old mullarkey that these old duffers cough up. It really is a joke of a rag at this stage.


Pat is terrified that his almost-five-in-a-row legacy will be usurped. Nothing more.


Will Galway make it 4/4 and is tally just the tonic for Galways defence.


Fair assessment of where Galway are possibly at.


Galway are good. They possibly don’t have the systems, or full on conditioning to win an All Ireland (maybe they do), but they have the players. It is sort of an old fashioned way now to judge a team by seeing if they have good players, but it is still a reliable way. Galway are good because they have 7 or 8 really good players. Likewise, the likes of Tyrone aren’t so great, because they don’t have 7 or 8 really good players.

With the right management, I can well see Galway going further then Mayo in the championship in the next year or two.


Galway and Kerry the two to dominate over the next few years maybe. We might sneak an auld Sam in between. It all breaks down with the role reversal…


I presume they’re missing their Corofin players too .


Galway are going steady , but its early days , whats the training effort been so far - Hit the ground running for the league and to peak for early may and beat mayo - then easing off before the super 8’s.

time will tell


I won’t post it here but midnight cowboy McKenna is writing about the people’s champions in the indo. Of course he takes little pops at Dublin where he can. Mayo are wronged. AOS is wronged. the Irish media are wrong to wrong mayo. He tries to do propaganda for Aido about how he went collecting money for a club mate who passed away all the while the cauc slags of Jim for his good deeds. Jokeshop


Training effort hasn’t been any more than other counties as far as I can see (base this on Killannin lads in the panel). Still doing plenty of training with the club and even out for a meal and odd pint in January. Tactical work and utilising player strengths seems to be aim. Not too many Corofin lads to come back it would seem also. They have some very good players but would expect them to fall off a bit this weekend in Kerry.