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The fact that that blog gets so much attention is a form of paranoia on here.


what are ya trying to say? :smiley:


They’re The Peoples Champions, are they not?

We are “people” are we not?

Therefore they are “our” champions & we should honour them as such.

Ipso facto Clarice. :rofl:


Excellent, that’s was even better than my little rant yesterday


we wouldn’t need or want him


Sure we have to release the steam somewhere. I hope we beat them senseless in castlebar another 17 point win would be great


Well we gave a little lesson in the league the last 2 yrs, with the few players they have missin and yer man I cant even think of his name getting the boot off sunday, I think we’ll have too much for them, our lads are goin to get better and fitter from now on, That’s great for competition in the camp, Howard Basquel Fenton Scully great so far , Flynn Connolly Con Costello Kev Mc O Gara on standby it looks good ladies


Just because you’re paranoid, don’t mean they’re not after you.


Agreed, nothing better than leaving Castlebar on wintery evening laughing and smiling when we have beaten the peoples champions again.


who said that


Kurt Kobain


Catch 22 by Joseph Heller had it first.


The Aidster is actually quite nuanced in his play at times, to use the parlance of your times. But lacking great pace as he does, and being a generous unit of a lad, he tends to bulldoze. But he is a skillfull ball player, and a really good passer. Great example in that Galway game in the 1st half, over the top onto a penny and split the full-backline perfectly.


It’s only Tuesday and the mayo media machine has already transformed the narrative on Sunday to how St Cillian of the Elbow is all frustrated and misunderstood and how terrible it is that Aidan is being fouled all the time.

And this counties supporters have the nerve to complain that Dublin does this?

Hilarious listening to kilbane last night saying the words but and err and yeah in as many combinations as possible in order to not say anything about the red cards.


KIlbane? ■■■■ that Woukd rather listen to Bernard flynn and McHugh


I have to confess I had to listen to david brady this eve on off the wall podcast defendin elbows o shea, he’s gas , does he do standup


I’d be embarrassed if we had a player his size like Fennel getting tossed around like a rag doll & us giving out about it. At least when Connelly was getting roughed up he gave it back in spades .
Aido is a man baby filled with marshmallow .


Was he there too?

The indo podcast
Game on

With the same spin on all shows.

Reservoir Galway must be raging!!!


It helps me throwing the kettlebell at the radio


Sound. I can’t listen to Kilbane talk about soccer never mind gaelic.