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What Dermo got was a disgrace, what piss’s me off with o conor is its always sly and most times from behind, and aido gets away with murder usin his elbows, he has it down to a fine art


Just a general comment


Noone should be bullying Aido , a man of his size for god’s sakes. Wonder is he afraid to get sent off for retaliation.


No he won’t get sent of just play the victim and tell everyone that he was head butted.


I think underneath that big frame aido is a bit like the little pup on the jax roll ad, but he’s a specialist in the oul forearm smash


I suspect your right .


I think he’s just poor at trying to beat a man. If he attempted to go around a man instead of through them he might find himself getting more frees


Aido has been listening to all that Beast of Breaffy shyte for so many years, he thinks that bulldozing thru the opposition is the only way to go. Shame (for Mayo, not us) that no one has ever taken him in hand (the way Giller did with MDMA, Bastic & O’Gara) and get him to develop a bit of craft & nuance to his ‘bull in a china shop’ style of play. Or is he above coaching, because he is Aidan O’Shea?

No doubt, you’d be hung, drawn & quartered, if you even suggest that in Mayo. :roll_eyes:


is thereb a solid argument to be made that ■■■ and Aido are more liabilities to mayo than assets as every other player bar Andy Moran and Lee Keegan seem to opt out and give the ball to those over rated pair.

both to my eyes are poorly coached but maybe that should read hard coached


Voldemort was an asset when his free taking was rock solid & he was able to keep his sneaky elbows & suspect temperament under wraps. Now that his free taking is unreliable & people are more aware of his true nature, his value to Mayo is diminishing. But they have so little talent coming through, especially in the forward line, there’s not a prayer he’ll ever lose his spot. He’ll keep on doing what he is doing & people will keep on making excuses for him.

Over on the nutjob central blog, people are already questioning the merit of his being captain. Dunno why he was ever given it in the first place. Higgins or Leroy would have been far more capable imo.


we have the benefits of hindsight now, have seen the Breaffy bull in action many times and he never shows up on the big occasion. As for the rat like snake weasel, i for one am happy he is still playing for Mayo because they will never win Sam with him there, they also wont win Sam with a non-leader as Captain. Hope Galway beat them out west and they then get beaten by a wicklow/laois/Armagh in the qualifies and a we have a team like Tipp in the super 8’s instead, that way we may dream of a non-bias poor Mayo commentary and a lack of tin foil awards going over to Westport for alleged best players in the country.


cillians abbreviations blanked out i see…


Lol they people’s champions of the mayoblog have giving Aido MOTM. The human wrecking ball can do no wrong in the land of willie joes.


It’s puzzling why neither were considered . It’s early yet so I wouldn’t be writing voldemort off . But as someone said , he’s apparently dealing with off field issues so this might be having an effect on him .
The sending off will be a wake up call to him .


“A big man for the small occasion” as one wit once called him over on the PROC.

Best description I’ve ever heard of him. :smile:


Was that not brolly or orourke? Regardless excellent and apt. Though I’d love to see how he would fare in the Dublin panel. Would Gavin get more out of him than SR.


Some of ye are seriously obsessed with everything Aido, Mayo and O’Connor.



What else is to talk about around here? Coddle? Sure that was ruined when someone put oxo cubes in it.


The irony of some people here giving out about lads on the mayo blog!