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Trying to abstain from the indo., enjoyed that article especially the last paragraph. Don’t like a guy being knocked when he is down but MH & Tyrone badly need a win and unfortunately that’s when their hardest to come by.



We know exactly what happened, it was withdrawn because they pissed it away. The LC did a nice report on it two years ago.


I know its on the indo and all but the latest podcast the throw in has David Brady on who was pretty fair. Also had Colm Keys and Roy Curtis on who call out James Horan and Lee Keegan for their comments and say its time they look at themselves.

Brady did have one sly comment however. A tongue in cheek discussion came up about if there was transfers in the GAA Fenton and McBrearty would go for 200 million. Brady said if McBrearty was up for sale theres only one county who could buy him. This coming from a Mayo man who have spent more on their senior panel than any other county the last few years. :joy:


I thought he was referring to one county that need him most and that was mayo. Nice to see them call out O’Connor


Maybe you’re right yeah. I took it as only one county able to afford him :joy:. Shouldn’t have to buy him anyway, he’s a dub himself


It was actually a good podcast, though while affable, Brady can loose the run of himself. Colm Keys is a big man, met him a few times around Navan, must be 6ft 6’’ / 7". Would much prefer him to Breheny.


Yeah I enjoyed it. The only thing I bother with the indo for


… that and Barry Egan’s columns.


What did they call O’Connor out on?.. I listened to it last night and all I heard was sympathy for him. That the red card was a good thing as it will allow him time to rest up. He’s played all the football for over a year and he must be wrecked and throw in the frustration of the results all that was the reason he lashed out. Poor fella.


I think it was keys who said this frustration has been happening for a while now. Think he was being a bit sarcastic saying that. And then as a whole it was said they need to look at their own discipline referencing Horan and Keegan.


I didn’t detect a hint of sarcasm, they were genuinely serious referencing the minutes he’d played. If I hadn’t seen what he’d done with the forearm smash on tele, there is no way I’d have known how serious it was from listening to them speak on the podcast. Nicely brushed over…


Leave Barry Egan alone 'friend to the B, C, and D stars, Dublin wannabe Socialites and anyone else that will buy him a cup of coffee…


I disagree. Not really sure what they could say more than they did that they need to sort out their own discipline. Their not going to publicly shame the man and I wouldn’t want them to either. I know someone is going to say it would be done if Philly or Diarmo done it but two wrongs don’t make a right and all that


The schmozzle’s and the elbow/forearm incident are both completely separate incidents and should be dealt with as such. However it suited the agenda to wrap them all up in to Mayo’s ‘general discipline’. Rather than call it out for what it was…

This isn’t O’Connor’s first time at stuff like this… he hit a Roscommon man two blows to the head last year too from behind and never even got cited for it. O’Connor publicly shamed himself so I don’t understand why you’d feel for him if people rightly gave him grief for it. I hope he’s hit with a long ban. No place for that behaviour in the game at all.



I’ve said Brady was fair on the throw in podcast which I was pleasantly surprised with. Now he’s back to peak “dude where’s my car” Brady.

Absolute horse manure.


I’ll tell you what’s an absolute disgrace. Drink driving.


Interesting , is this bordering on how Diarmo was / has been treated .


Was someone done for drink driving? Whats that about?