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Could they not buy a farm in Cork for PuC ?


and it is not as if there isnt spare money there. I think there is a difference in about €20 million between what the GAA income from all sources is and what they pay out to the provinces/counties. there would be some wiggle room in there for them to increase stuff.

BTW that pitch in PUC was a disgrace the other night. It is actually cheaper to buy land and constantly harvest it than to be buying in hybrid pitches from the UK all of the time.


That is the whole nub of the issue here. The GAA will not throw money at counties and tell them to go off and train some kids. If a county draws up a viable and costed strategic and structured plan they would finance it. That is the reality that some in the likes of Meath and Kildare don’t want to hear.


BTW that pitch in PUC was a disgrace the other night. It is actually cheaper to buy land and constantly harvest it than to be buying in hybrid pitches from the UK all of the time.

that’s shockin in itself, buy’n our sacred turf off that shower


If you mean the Moyna piece, I can see how you’d read it that way but to me those bits are window dressing for the rest, the agenda is clear, and he also contradicts himself which is usually a sign of fitting facts to suit opinion. At best the piece is naive, or disingenuous. And we all know Niall is surely at least quite a smart guy.

As for the opinion by people that McSpewy is genuine in his beliefs, yeah, he’s genuine in his bias. Engaging in any sort of debate is his way of trying to look kosher. He knows he has to do it but he never does it enough to blow his cover completely. Those twitter comments that he deleted show exactly what he really believes and wants. The funding stuff is the handy vehicle. I’ve read multiple opinions like his on forums from people who were clearly biased to begin with. People who for example latched onto first of all a campaign that the GAA got referees to make sure Dublin won an All-in, then to keep making sure Dublin had success in order to “justify their investment”, and who are incapable/unwilling to debate even a single game involving Dublin without carrying on their campaign. It is designed for one purpose, and one only - to undermine, discredit, and refuse to accept the achievements. The word ‘bitter’ is perfect as a summary of this kind of thing.


I would honestly barely know who he is except for this site. Gave up on the info a long time ago.


So did the Indo.


Freudian slip


It’s hard not to engage in the face of such lies but that is playing into his hands. He is an irrelevance in the real world and thrives on social media which suits his nasty and false agenda. He should be ignored and pitied - like he is by anyone that really matters.


This man Michael E Whyte has his number and is calmly calling out his false facts. He will now be ignored and the tweets probably deleted because our lying friend just can’t handle the truth.


And here’s the real motive behind mckennas campaign though he will never admit. Abolition of dublin GAA in its current format. This is what he wants.


Quelle surprise


How about counties who can’t compete anyway? When’s the last time Kildare beat a top 4 county? Maybe kildare should have to merge with Wicklow and Meath? That way they might win something once in a generation :joy:


What an absolute prick McKenna is. Fucker isn’t even attempting to hide it now


They robbed Tompkins from Wicklow didnt they


All joking aside thats a more realistic future scenario that splitting Dublin and thats a fact.Ex GAA senior official Danny Lynch mentioned amalamations only last week.


Geographically based competition is inherently unfair. Ewan need to get over it. Anyone suggesting splitting countries in international soccer to let little countries compete would be laughed out the gate and rightly so. Also China have by far the biggest population and their domination of world soccer is tiresome.thete are just so many holes in his argument it really doesn’t stand up to any scrutiny.

The answer actually lies in a tiered championship. The sooner that particular penny drops the better.


Meath must have been something back in the day to be split in two .


Run spoofer run … :joy:


When the going gets tough , he pulls out the "I have to do some work " .He’s responded like that before .