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Well he wanted one with Costello didn’t he . Probably cockiness on his behalf .


Did you hear him going on about irish rugby? If you try really really hard you can have a cut off any achievement and any team. Very begrudging attitude. Terribly negative way to live life really.


Doesn’t seem to get enjoyment from sport whatsoever, you’d wonder why someone like that would bother with it at all.

Remember he had a cut off Katie Taylor?, he felt the need to put her achievements into context (the flaming arrogance of the man!) He claimed not to do so would be patronising and sexist (while being patronising and sexist)

Now the same chap advertises himself as a former sportswriter of the year, (like that’s a thing) but I only see stuff coming from him trying to tear people down, sportswriter? begrudger of the year more like.


The woman who singlehandedly got women’s boxing to the Olympics. She’s probably the greatest sportsperson this country has ever produced.


You can literally pick holes in anything if you try really hard.


He’s calling for opposition fans to boycott games against Dublin now :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Thats grand, more tickets for us.


Holy jaysus. But he’s not petty bitter or biased at all :joy::joy::joy:


He got it with kelly and he was exposed.

He wants Costello because he wants to get DCB to disclose commercially sensitive information on air. From what I know the actual income for DCB from all sources is not too far (about €140,000) ahead of Tipperary.

He employs some interesting linguistic tools and devices - eg he says that what he says on twitter is not journalism yet his articles often repeat verbatim the contents of his tweets.

He says he has never been bitter or mean or disparaging about the team yet his tweets and articles (sure winning loads of all Ireland’s are the least they can do with all those advantages/how can they get any enjoyment from what they do/the most manufactured hurling team ever etc) are full of examples. When showed these comments he claims they aren’t, as if no other Irish person can recognized back handed complements.

Then there is this liking tweet thing. Even if you accept it was in error, his liking the sarcastic second tweet is damning and he must think people are easily fooled for him to claim all innocence on that. That’s before we even get to this persona on the Kildare fan forums or his odd paranoid rants about how the GAA are denying him access to match’s/croke park/information.

So maybe it is him tying to save the GAA from itself, or maybe he is just bitter and twisted and cannot stand his neighbours winning all the time and tries to belittle it any way he can.


grand, does that mean tickets will be distributed fairly for the final this year, I don know how there hasent been more uproar over tickets


All reasonable points & I do agree he wants to trip up Costello

I think the second like was deliberate to get a rise out of people , not that the first tweet didn’t either .


Nothing new, he called on laois support to do that over Nolan Park.

At the end of the day, the GAA are goin to give more money to other counties without cutting Dublin’s share. That’s grand, but he cannot even accept that. What, exactly, does he want? Player quotas in Dublin?

Let’s hear his solutions and debate them instead of this nonesense.


I’m not biased I swear!


He hates us. But can’t say that publicly. He wants us to crash and burn and he wants to be the first to jump on our grave along with his pals and his tea-bagging mate from Kerry. He seems to be having a meltdown on twitter as I write this going by the tweets he posted today.


Why have a meltdown today…?


Maybe meltdown is the wrong description. Bu jaysus he choice of words. talk about a battle cry to our country cousins… Padraic Duffy and his Dublin supporters club.


Soon as I saw that article about the farm. I just knew he’d have an absolute shitfit because it’s in Dublin


yup. I wonder if it was anywhere else would he have reacted as much.


This thing about all cash for Dublin meaning none for elsewhere. Can a single instance be given where a county was turned down for funding for this kind of development? No - it can’t. Dublin are not taking anyone’s money.


“If there’s one thing worse than being talked about it’s not being talked about”

Every word he writes on and offline screams ‘look at me!’ If you don’t like him, ignore him. That’s what really hurts him. I think john costello and the dublin board have the right idea in starving him of oxygen.