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It would be excellent.He agreed on twitter to come on Hill16 army podcast over the last few days but only on skype but then things got ugly between would be great to get someone with knowledge and dabating skills onto a live podcast with him .


Fair play Yoda. I have officially forgiven you for the poached egg in coddle controversy! I’ll look for that exchange on the twitter machine.


Cheers, I’m saying lets have a healthy debate. No name calling. Lets just debate the facts. Lets see if what McKenna is made off.


And finally no response to this one


Excellent. Got him on the same point he replied deleted his reply then silence.


there was a little debate on the other thread and it was locked, jaysus I seen bigger debates in me young ones school over a pencil. I could only imagine the crack here in a real debate over the Dubs finance’s especially with yer man


I think he commented in the past he was close to getting legal involved & shutting down the site in the past about what was been said about him here …


Thats the thing there should be no abuse of any form and that should apply to everyone on here.In fairness there should be no need for anything abusive.stick to the facts simple


Well if fellas are goin to go that far whats the point in been on here at all. theres notin wrong with a bit of stick or slagging, its healthy sure its all about havin a bit of a debate and a bit. of craic. if its lashin rain outside I normally stick on an extra coat


Had an income tax return to sort out yesterday… that and dry January are having an effect! :wink:


no harm is a general slagging bur when you know the people don’t get on, it can escalate quickly, so best nipped in the bud.


Indeed. Slag off what he says. Don’t call him a ■■■■.


It seems there is a more concerted agenda at Irish independant regarding dublin development funding .There are 2 articles one on Niall Moyna and one on GAA buying a farm which both quote how much dublin got in development funding strange.The development funding droped by 15% on previous year.


Bad news. your tax is late. :open_mouth:


That’s the way to take him on. calmly dismantle his argument. @dubintipp has done as much before.


The posts I made here last year were put to him. He said there were inaccuracies. I asked him to point them out to me. End of debate.

I have also engaged with him before that and it is a brick wall. He spins things but when you unspin them he clams up and the debate ends again.

I could see some merits in doing something via Skype in hill 16 podcasts but Barry and the gang I think would lose their cool.

As is said when he debated it on news talk with ex president Kelly he lost even though he was on home ground, as it were. He then went into twitter proclaiming the opposite.

Let’s face it, what do we want here, Ewan to admit he has been wrong all these years? That is not going to happen no matter what I or anyone else says to him. He is completely sincerely convinced he is correct and nothing will convince him otherwise. If given figures his inate partiality will compel him to see them in a way that supports his argument. That his work fuels the imagination of those who look for any excuse to bash Dublin is also something we cannot change. The important thing is that where things matter and where decision makers have access to the facts in all their forms his opinion is dismissed. The fact that this dismissal results in him cooking up tin foil hat conspiracies about his treatment by the GAA only further diminishes him.

As for the Irish independent article it isn’t the victim of sensationalist headline writing. What’s is actually said in the article is that the GAA should make the same investment it hasn’t in Dublin with counties who can show that the will not squander that investment. In other words we are doing it right and the others are not. This has been proved by the Leinster council report on their investment in the lesser hurling counties. You can tell that this is where he isn’t aiming as he specifically mentions strength and conditioning which that report also highlighted.


That’s it in a nutshell . While people have best intentions trying to debunk his claims , he is a fairly strong willed person who has total faith in what he’s pandering . He is convinced everything he has put forward is correct . If the GAA were to come out & outline the inaccuracies in his claims , that might get some traction . But I doubt that will happen because they may leave themselves open to more questions.


Always is.


Sincerely is not a word I would put in the same line as this person. He is just nasty about and cynical about almost everything. There is no point in engaging with someone who’s mind is already wrongly made up. Nobody in officialdom engages with him as his narrative has no basis. This is the correct way to deal.


I think you are right in that he will never put his hand up and admit he is wrong although not replying it is in effect the same thing.Twitter is a perfect place for him as he can just pick and choose what he replies to and can block people etc.However I think in a proper setting in an old style debate he wouldnt have that option and would be badly exposed.