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Ooooooh, they’re going to love that in Bitterland. Most ‘objective’ and widely respected name so far to jump on this bandwagon. Wonder who in Dublin GAA peed on his cornflakes lately, or was he turned down for a role back with some top Dublin team, Gilroy maybe?
He says nothing new, or insightful here. It’s the usual stuff, give more money to others. He says at first that Dublin “have pulled away”, then says “will pull away”, as he knows that winning All-Is by a point and after replays is not an indication of a “widening gap” to the other top teams, nor is money the reason clearly why other top teams may drop away.

And there’s the point that’s never addressed either, Mayo don’t have a great team as in a team with great forwards, yet they can go that close, year in, year out. Kerry were very much in transition 2013-2016, yet took us to the final bell three times, and beat us in the league final. Kerry are now trying to bring on alot of youth, it’s inevitable they may fall back before they come forward, even for a year. And who’s to say ‘Fitzy’ is as good as Gavin, simple as?
Tyrone have clearly stood still, and/or they just don’t have the forwards. Is it lack of funding that stopped All-I U-21 winners and Centre of Excellence graduates from becoming great seniors? Donegal were always going to fade once their style of play got sussed and their players worn out.

Meath and Kildare have long ago not pushed on or regrouped or come up with a really good infrastructure. That wasn’t a funding issue before, why is it now? How come these people never look at the money spent by Kildare on big-name, quick-fix coaches and ask why wasn’t it better spent? You might as well be asking why some League of Ireland clubs haven’t been given more money by the FAI or whoever. Galway won nothing from 66 til 98. And did little or nothing since, even prior to the bigger money days. Cork since the advent of the qualifiers (escape from the Kerry web) have been in about 3 semi-finals and three finals, not to mention several Qtr finals, only winning one All-I.

Counties have always gone through fallow periods anyway. During Kerry’s greatest eras of the last 40 years they absolutely murdered some of their top opposition on several occasions, with run-away All-I Final and semi-final wins. In this era Dublin have had one handy semi-final out of seven, and every final has been either very hard won, or in the case of 2015, close til the end. Yet that was just the natural order of things before, now scraping over the line several times has become a national reason for huge change in policy?


What makes me laugh is development money from what I can gather is spent on GPOs who from what I can see deal exclussively with kids from 4-7 years of age.This development programme is in place since 2005 so could only have benefited players 20 years old or younger.So basically no all ireland winner since 2011 has benefitted from GPOs or am I missing something.


In fairness he makes some valid points regarding other counties needing more funding and that any money given needs to be spent correctly.The strange part is the fact he suddenly came to this reslisation last year before that he thought everything was ok what has changed if anything other counties recieved more last year than previously.


Disappointing to see Moyna put his name to article & headline like this. He’s been close enough to Dublin GAA to know how the funding is used. And how the Dublin senior team is trained / supported. He also knows very well the mess the likes of Meath and Kildare have made of their own setup. Yet he decides to go after Dublin. Strikes me that this is about Moyna getting his name up in lights for his own benefit. Has s big gob in him at times. He’s certainly burnt his bridge back into Dublin GAA with this sh1te.


Funny how he didn’t seem so concerned about teams “pulling away” when he was central to the introduction of direct entry scholarships in DCU.


A deplorable decision that the GAA should have objected to at the time.

He has run with the hares and hunted with the hounds for years.


I suspect this might be the case too . It raises his profile , I think he’s on Operation Transformation at the minute or was in the past . Very odd to come out now against Dublin considering he was a part of setup a couple of years ago .


Was that our Shane Ryan referred to in that link ?


I questioned MacKenna on this via Twitter and received no response ( in fairness he was responsive on other aspects though his answers were poor )


Incredible that some can’t see - or don’t want to see - that nearly all counties have absolutely nothing in place to use games development funds on. What in the name of god is the point of throwing a million or two to these counties when they haven’t got even the barest plan. So lads there’s a million for ye to spend on structures that don’t exist!

How stupid are people that they cannot see that? Absolute idiocy to think that throwing money at this will just fix it. Where are the proposals? There are none. What funding have they been denied? None. Let’s get the horse before we get the cart.


Yes i had same same experience he made some silly replies which he then deleted and stoped replying to me.


I wonder could we challenge him to a debate on this site? Seriously do you think thats an option? No abuse, nominate a couple of ressers Dubintipp to do some sort of live debate?

What do you think lads?


I dont think Ewan would agree to a debate with anyone with any knowledge of the facts.There is so much amunition he would be destroyed.One small example,he wrote in articles and spoke on radio for several years that DCB were getting 1.4 m from GAA plus 1m from Irish sports council ie 2.4m in development funding .He spoke and wrote about this being fact as recently as 2016 he now no longer refers to it as he was incorrect but has never corrected his lies.


Sure didn’t Sean Kelly take him down a couple of pegs on Newstalk one time if I’m not mistaken in relation to funding


A debate on this site of all places? Come on, gerragrip. Forget debate with this chap


Its more to call him out on Al. McKenna massages the facts and won’t answer questions when its put to him. So a couple of lads here that are well versed in the subject matter could debate the issue (as he is fond of saying).

Its a case fo put your money where your mouth is Ewan.


He did, but he might need reminding.


A small flavour of the exchange