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Any list that has Aido at number 16 deserves no serious consideration. The man is not in the top 30 footballers in the country and that’s being kind.


This is Pat Spillane, in an article, we’re talking about here. Have some cop-on, chaps.


I know what you’re saying. In his pre match analysis of our first championship game he’ll call Dermo the best footballer in the country. Watch.


While we’re on this topic just thought I’d link this video. The man is a genius. Nobody in the current era comes close.


Very hard for Dermo to play to his best when ye have little Leroy rippin the jersey off him and constantly foulin him for 70+ mins when they come up against each other, Im sure that was the instructions from horan and Rochford, DONT let him play football , he’ll destroy ye


He destroyed him in the replay in 2016 and let nobody tell you otherwise. The only two times the ball came into Dermo in that first half hour he got out in front of Keegan, turned him and swung over a beauty on his ‘weaker’ foot despite a push from Keegan as he kicked it. The very next move he got out in front and was imo going to score a goal until Keegan took him out and got his marching orders. Regardless of the goal Keegan scored, in terms of him trying to stop Dermo he failed miserably in that game.

He also had no business being on the field after the 10th minute the first day out in 2016. He had 2 stone wall black card offences on Dermo in the lead up to our first goal.

The usual few will be along now to try justify Keegans ‘style’ of defending but when somebody like Pat Spillane can accuse of Dermo of not doing it in finals, these facts need to be brought up.

If Keegan wore blue or green and gold he’d be black carded regularly and be thought of as a liability. But he plays for the nation’s darlings




If Spillane cites Diarmos performances in finals as the reason for his lowly position on the list how in the name of Christ can he have Aido ahead of him, a forward who has failed to score in any of the finals he’s played in?


In fairness he has only played in five final matches … it’s only 6 hours of football …


Yeah mind boggling. Aido - we all must be missing something on the human wrecking ball. It’s not them it’s us .


Plus club final!


Nah - he’s not Castlebar … yet.


Were you talking about Diarmuid Connolly, no?


… close … Aido …


Sorry. I misunderstood.


Jesus lads it’s one mans opinion…maybe we should have a top 30 with no Mayo players and that would make ye happy.


How about a top-30 of Mayo players only?


There’s loads of Mayo players who would be in the top 15 never mind 30 - just not the perennially overrated Aido. One of your main issues is that Mayo people - and management - either don’t see it or just refuse to. Similarly with O’Connor the older.


Well i’d agree with that yeah


It’s not his opinion though. It’s talking bollocks for the sake of it. Honestly if a pundit really thinks there’s 18 players in the country better than Diarmuid Connolly he should be fired at once. Thats not an opinon its just plain nonsense. But we all no that’s not what spillane really thinks.