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At least he’s consistent…:roll_eyes:


No he is not. He just thinks the DCB have done their job ‘to well’. So like all great solutions that are based on dislike, begrudger and fear, his solution is to disadvantage us. And negate every chance he gets. The miserable sap.


David Clarke didn’t make the top 3 on Spillane list


How can Philly McMahon and Michael Fitz not be in any top 30? And Johnny Cooper. Kevin Mc doesn’t always get huge game-time but he’s still one of the top forwards in the game.


Best thing about that article is the link below it:


True but still happy that David Clarke missed out on an top 3 - my god Martin breheny must be disgusted


Queue full page response article from Breheny followed by myriad of other delusional journalists restating David Clarke’s unparalleled greatness :upside_down_face:


Maybe for a different thread but my top 10 dublin Footballers from the three in a row team in order are :


I think it’s worth a thread !


Chris Barrett is in the top 15 footballers in the country according to Pat. And he gets paid for these opinions.


Man of the match according to some in the AI final .


Would these be the same people who saw all 6 Dublin forwards drag their men to the ground after the winning point?


I imagine so :joy:


Aido number 16? Ffs.


That’s the nonsense of these things. If there’s a more underrated player in the country than Jonny Cooper I haven’t seen him. The world must be full of @alanoc 's …


I always remember being up in Newry 2012 at a league game. We were brutal, Johnny Cooper was best player on the pitch for us, But for some reason Gilroy never really gave him a chance.
Thankfully Gavin did.
I’d agree probably the most underrated player on the Dublin team.


@DUB09 would have you believe that @alanoc was in the ear of Gilroy!

Cooper is a smashing player. End of.


I know sport is a matter of opinion but if an analyst is trying to put forward an argument that Chris Barrett is a better footballer and defender than Johnny Cooper they should be relieved of any further analysis duties. It’s insanity to even suggest it. Cooper is one of the games very best.


19 Diarmuid Connolly (Dublin) He is one of the best half forwards in the modern era so why is he so far down the list? Quite simply, his poor discipline and a series of less than impressive performances in All-Ireland finals go against him.

Not to pick holes in Spillanes logic, but the one thing Connolly has done is perform in All Ireland finals. He may not have turned in 70 minute games every time, and of course when he was up against the mighty Leroy which means he can’t have done well, but in the closing stages of all our recent wins DC was the one on the ball, demanding the ball and controlling the games in a way that nobody from Mayo can, or Kerry in recent years either. Put it this way, if Mayo had a player of Connollys poise under pressure they wouldn’t still be waiting for Sam.


I didn’t get that far down the list. I genuinely stopped reading after I seen Chris Barretts name