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Games should be spread across RTE TG4 and TV3. If Eir was still Setanta sports Ireland and free to air then that would be alright.

Now you have to pay to see league and championship matches, how log until its exclusive to EIR/BT and SKY as they put up more money that RTE cant match.

It alcohol companies cant sponser then banks should not be allowed either. Bring back Guinness I say.


Anyone know what the plans are for this equipment have they a new place set up?


Seems bizarre to buy equipment for the place when it’s to be used by any county .


Altruistic? Philanthrophic?


Parnell Park I believe :wink:


Yeah? About time ! :+1:t2:


Yep, heard PP too. Facility to be built beside where the shop is


Hopefully this can be built/installed quickly without too long a weight.


EBay I heard. Funds are tight.


I’m sure Spewan will find a reason to have a meltdown about this


Already has.


You where a dead lift sorry I meant dead cert to pun.



God love him.


Mort defending it there .


So that’s why there were no hot dogs last weekend !


any chance of a synopsis of what went on in twitter land? Not on it thank god, have enough on my plate!


Basically implied that it was “wink wink” arrangement between the DCB & GAA where we would provide gym equipment in the proviso that we would have preferential access to the facility .
And we would benefit more from it than anyone else because of the location of it .
From what I can garner the place was jammers most times so the team couldn’t get to use the equipment so the DCB decided to withdraw the equipment .


Ewan McKenna’s take pretty much boils down to… When Dublin put equipment into a GAA owned gym it’s bad and when Dublin take equipment out of said gym that’s bad too. Despite being opposites, both actions highlight Dublin’s “unfair advantages”.


But he’s not biased against Dublin at all…