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It’s just my observation Alan. If you don’t agree that’s fine.


Checked his bio on LinkedIn , he’s one of us . Refreshing article but it won’t last . This stuff should have been written months ago , not now . The usual suspects went with a narrative & it grew legs .


+1. Tweeted more or less what you said to the lad who wrote the article ,will slattery ,as well as the footage a dubs fan took from the hogan stand confirming their was no mass fouling of mayo players at end of game .


The writer still goes with the lie that mayo players were dragged to the ground.One mayo player Lee Keegan was wrestled to the ground after throwing GPS and CK got a black card no other player was dragged to ground video evidence is on YT.


As I keep saying, they would eventually and finally figure out that the way to kill us is with love. That’s when we really have to watch out because Dublin forums will become full of people lapping it up and purring about how great we are.


The very fact, ignored as it has been consistently, that Mayo have carried out systematic off the ball fouling on a regular basis, and the media response has continued to be about Mayos great attacking football and brilliant defensive work, tells you all you need to know.


This tells me all I need to know, not some p**k from the Indo.

Happy new year everyone!


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Can’t unfortunately post link to the article but Brolly’s piece this morning is in Jim Corr tinfoil hat territory. The glitterati aka known as Sky are in the process of taking over the GAA. Brolly is fast becoming the most paranoid & maddest socialist of our times! GUBU Joe! :joy::joy:


Joe is quite correct. It is you who are bonkers.


Mad paranoid, socialist claptrap!

If you’ve read that article and agree with Jow I think u have much more of a problem than I do chief!!


You have to filter out some of Brolly s madder thoughts to get to some of the more reasonable ones . Sky should have no exclusive games he is 100% correct on that. And he makes a reasonable point about AiB . It might make them more compassionate if the gaa refusesd to do business with them in solidarity with the Irish people they have screwed over.


Joe loves hyperbole but the GAA has sold its soul and he is being accurate there. People’s thinking is increasingly owned and manipulated, typically without them knowing. Our organisation should have stayed miles away from Sky and will regret that we didn’t. Joe will, unfortunately, probably turn out to be bang on the money about the long term effects of this.


Joe Brolly: AIB, Sky and other brands will complete cultural hijacking of the GAA if new Director General doesn’t act


It’s a bit over the top alright, but there is some truth to it. However the revelation that companies engage in sponsorship for less than purely altruistic reasons is hardly a revolutionary thought.

I do feel that perhaps RTÉ pundits should complain less about what Sky are doing and ask more questions about what RTÉ are or aren’t doing.


Joes points about AIB turfing people out of their homes on a daily basis are untrue. There’s a code of conduct that all financial institutions are legally obliged to follow. Lots of other bolloxoligy as Joe puts it with what the banks have done but that’s hyperbolic bull.

Also the idea that Sky have some grand plan to take over the GAA s also utter bolloxoligy! With such an equitable socialist view of the world why has Joe and others here no issue with Eir pay per view for the league? Not a word about it from anyone yet good portion of all NFL games including all Dublin hone games are not free to air. Strange that!


why so - especially as others say the league games were on pay per view long before sky were on the scene.
To me i don’t see the difference between selling the product to rte or TV3 and sky. Rte were pulling the piss thinking they were doing the GAA a favour screening the games.


So you think aib bailed out by the taxpayers, up to their knees re tracker mortgage scandal are suitable sponsors for the gaa. And the premier club competition at that. Don t know why he ignores BT in his criticism but sky are like a cult. They rewriting the history books re soccer in the uk . I for one would be happy to see the gaa deal with sky be ripped up. And the BT/eir one too.


JB going into battle to try to help RTÉ ratings, dressed up as State of the Assoc crusade. Nothing new really. Early January silly season. RTÉ website top story yesterday was an a planned house robbery that was abandoned with the shock revelation that there was a 92yo man in the house. They also just about slipped in the fact that somebody else, who presumably lived in the house, was somehow possibly involved one way or another. Wow, just, wow.


Sky take a things over. That is what it does.