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"You are entitled to your own opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts "
Daniel Patrick Moynihan


“I don’t know what a tracker mortgage is”

Banking regulator circa 2008


"You’re entitled to your opinion unless you’re from Kildare. Being from Kildare entitles you to perpetual misery"



Whatever pat might feel about Dublin inching towards the 4 in a row , I’d say he was delighted we destroyed the blanket against Tyrone .


AT Least he called out the bulshit of the cabal also known as RTE in selecting young POTY. Hats of pat.



How dare the Independent write something that isn’t offensive to Dublin. They are a disgrace



It’s disgraceful Alan absolutely disgraceful. Is there anything they won’t do?


Apparently not.


Exactly the sort of stuff that should be banned from this site.:angry::angry::angry:


You’re a gas man Alan. For a fella who rails against reacting to media articles that are critical re Dublin you’re one of the most active contributors to the threads that discus these articles. Maybe you just love to argue???


One of the most active contributors?

I think you’ll find that’s a gross exaggeration.


Think he meant fractious … :sunglasses:


The principle of my point remains the same.


Have noticed a change in the articles on dubs in past few weeks … seems some journalist are realising its gone to far n is nasty … still amazes me it takes 4 months for the real reason Gavin was late for press conference is in print when I saw this video within days of final …


No it’s doesn’t. You made a claim that’s simply not true. I’ve a view on this I’ve reiterated a number of times. If you go back you’ll find other people who actively seek out articles, post them and then sound off about how offended they are. And they do it almost daily. That’s not what I do.

I’ll leave it at least a week before I give out about it again. Maybe others could do the same re expressing their constant sense of outrage


It would be a boring place if we all agreed with each other.

After you. No, after you… no, I insist.

Yawn :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Well the mayo blog must be the most boring place on the inter web as they all agree with willie joe. Your right willie joe, of course willie joe, totally get ya willie joe.

On another note and back to that article anyone know if that piece was written for the herald? Why the change of heart about the Dublin team?


Wouldn’t be buying into this revisionist cr*p from the media and the Independent in particular. Most of the journalists involved will write something completely different the next day or when next opportunity to have a go.

Wouldn’t be getting carried away with this article either. He mentions 3 / 4 times our cynical fouling at the end of the game. If he or any other journalist bothered their backside to watch the footage back they would see that for the last 2 Clarke kick outs outside of Keegan and KK wrestling on the ground after the gps was thrown there was nothing out of the ordinary going on. The myth of Dublin’s ‘synchronized fouling’ is now accepted as fact. It’s utter bullsh1t!