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No you miss my point, it’s not about attention. If that’s all it is, to comment on national media articles, then lets stop commenting on anything. Because it’s all about attention. If he wasn’t published through a national outlet then I would agree but because they’re giving him a platform then I agree 100% with calling it out/pointing it out/whatever you want to term it. I don’t care that it’s EMcK or anyone else, they are all equal in terms of representing their outlet. It’s actually the outlet that’s the issue, not EMcK or anyone else for that matter having their individual opinion. Good luck to him but Independent group should not be allowed just slip this stuff through unchecked.

Of course the only thing that will really effect them is ‘readership’ or whatever it’s called these days but in fact calling them out each time for people to be aware of means more likely that their readership will overall be affected negatively. There’s loads of people out there who just take this stuff as if it’s gospel, it’s only healthy for them to realise there is an alternative view, at least.


You say it’s a day to worry if a Dublin Gaa site ignores him and doesn’t call him out on this. There are battles worth fighting and debating and then there is giving platforms to guys who don’t deserve it.
Personally I feel lifes too short.
Lots of other decent articles can be read.



Why do you bother JJF

You have effectively asked us to click on that vile for a human beings link to get him more clicks


I asked for this thread to be locked and I think it should be @TheParish @dcr22B it brings out the worst of posters here

We have a online media thread can we just merge this on there ?


"You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant."
Harlan Ellison


Ok fair enough if it upsets folks so much i’ll ban myself if I post his articles shite in future. Don’t think thread should be locked or discarded, one can always exercise their own judgement and not read it.


You have to take the good with the bad !


“Lock the thread”? Honestly lads, drama queen stuff. Just give your opinion, as you do, oh yes, as you very much do, and get on with it. I’d like to give my opinion too, and not be threatened with thread-locking every time someone gets upset. Time to grow up, there’s alot more difficult things in life


Will u get over yourself. If u don’t like this thread then don’t read it. Simples.


Oh I ignore as best I can . I worry about my colleagues here though and their blood pressure who spend more time on this sort of stuff than discussing the dubs

And I know lads like spewan read here and get hard ons when their wind ups get attention.


The site would be fairly vanilla if only we posted positive stuff about us .
A suggestion might be to open a thread called something like the "Online Media Complaints Thread " .
Then people can dump all the negative & antagonistic stuff in there . Which frees up the online paper threads to just posting interesting stuff .


Totally agree, when ye give an opinion on here and it falls foul with one of the elite posters in the golden circle, ye know what happens. A blind man on a gallopin horse can see that, but a comment from one of the lads in the click or someone from mayo and its pats on the back all round. What a load of absolute bollix. I’ll probably be cut of again for givin me opinion


It’s one of the reasons why Bart went riding off into the sunset .


Couldn’t blame him . fuckin oul wan’s


If ya don’t tow the company line your ceremoniously pushed out the door . We all need abit of dissent every now & again .Keeps things ticking over :wink:


Merry Xmas everybody …


Laughed at that - or merry exit everyone! Ah lads I’m simply not going to post any mckennas pieces again ■■■■ it it’s not worth the hassle don’t want to be pissing anyone off. Let’s all call a truce to the he said they said blah blah blah. We have enough trouble with everyone else and the two mayo posters* on here!

Peace in our time! Cmon group cyber hug. C’mon yiz hormonal feckers!

*no mayo posters where harmed or offended in the writing of this post. We value and appreciate the contribution they make to this site. Otherwise we’d all kill other over things like when did the dacade begin, that semi final, the trump pence none the richer appreciation society, the cabal and many other worthless and insignificant subjects.


Wrong thread


Just another thought about linking articles from papers . Seeing as pretty much every article is having a direct or indirect pop at Dublin in people’s eyes , it might be advisable for those who are offended to just ignore the link . The good thing with the site is is that when a link is posted , most not all have a little preview . So it’s at the posters discretion to read it or not .
But to say we should lock threads is censorship & I don’t think anyone really wants that here .Whether it’s links or posters . People have come & gone because of that .
Bottom line , some people actually like discussing the articles about us .Others do not . Either way we shouldn’t be calling for what can & cannot be linked , within due reason .


That’s equally a load of aul diva shite, just get on with it! :grin: