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Great piece👍


One award for each Dublin region…


Is there anybody off limits with him ?
He really is a miserable piece of pond life.
The great thing is he’ll never see Kildare win an AI in his lifetime & the angst towards Dublin seems to be eating away at him .
Small victories & all…


The guy would appear to get no enjoyment whatsoever from sport unless it validates a very narrow set of parameters he keeps to himself (the oh so pure lily white award). He’s like one of those guys who only like bands nobody has ever heard of, but rejects them as the spawn of satan as soon as they get more than a dozen people to a gig in some darkened room way off the beaten track.

Anyway he is quickly becoming a pantomime villain and few will take anything he has to say seriously


But by Jesus ye won’t stop talking about him.

Do you think that might be what he wants?


Nope, his normal stuff is usually agenda driven but some effort goes in to making an argument. This particular article is more daily mail type bottom shelf stuff which is a bit of a departure for himself, so I commented.

I know you have a certain grá for the 5th estate but this lad isn’t one of their finer examples imo.


Such nasty vindictive prick


Is he taking the piss out of Con , maybe in a round about way .


How is he slagging off Con O’C. in that piece? I must be missing something as I’ve read it twice and can’t see anything wrong with his paragraph on Con. There’s certainly a few cheap digs at JG though


He’s not having a go at Con. He’s actually making the point that O’Callaghnan’s achievements leave just about everyone else in the ha’penny place.

Some people here can’t give credit even when it’s due.


Very little is due his way alan so lets not start painting him out to be misunderstood just yet.

I misread that paragraph, still no excuse for his sneers remark on Gavin fir the benefit of cabbage.


Yeah , that’s the part where you just don’t know but I’m willing to give him the benefit of doubt there .


That shtick hasn’t done flip flopper dunphy any harm


For the sake of fairness I’ll go with that. But MacKenna has form. The players are a reflection of the management team imo. He cant rip the piss out of Gavin and then pat con on the back. Doesn’t work that way for me.


They will be lucky to win a Leinster


He gets talked about far too much on this site and some of yous are obsessed by him. He more than likely thrives on it too.

He’s a clown and wouldn’t read anything that he writes as it’s all click bait.


QOTW there @TheParish

I used to let what he said get under my skin but the more attention we give him, the more oxygen he takes from it.


Hard to disagree with that DCR still he really does antagonise


I think JJF is spot on here lads, the chap is getting published through a national media outlet, one of the only two major ones we now have. If this was about any other GAA player or manager, the same Pollyannas on here would be calling him out for attacking amateurs and for attacking people who are doing great work etc etc blah blah. But they want to apply different standards to our own.

If this kind of crap ever gets ignored by a Dublin GAA website and forum, that will be the day to worry.


Its counter productive Al, why does a Dublin Gaa website have to call out someone who clearly wants attention. They are then getting the reaction their pieces were written for in the first place.
I personally dont read a thing he says as id rather not waste a minute of my day acknowledging his existence or allowing myself become annoyed.
Room 101 for that Guy.