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I agree in the most part there is bias but for the Philips award surely as pointed out in the article the Horse racing trainers and rowing manager in Skibereen are as deserving of it. When Coady had Kilkenny doing 3 and 4 in a row I don’t think he won the award. I personally think Jim would prefer Dublin to win the team of the year award.


Agree - the manager one is the least contentious. Only surprise is that Rochford wasn’t nominated … :smirk:


I am not the COC and Aido wanted him in the spotlight :wink:


Lee kinda of regrets throwing the GPS.


Ah well that’s grand so.


Not good enough. I demand summary execution.


Ah it’s Christmas we’ll let it go!


‘People forget how talented this Dublin team really are’

This is one sleeeven cunning stunt who wrote this ,manages to throw in how much dublin clubs gott in grants compared to others outside the county ,while interviewing McManus


Brehenys 2017 team rankings has Kerry in second place ahead of Mayo … beyond belief :eyes:


Unbelievable would be if he didn’t have dubs first, any team after that is a pig in a poke


Well thank god jacko was compiling that list as he would have mayo first, Kerry second and Dublin third! :blush:


Martin hates Mayo but that’s ok cause we don’t like him either…:.remember the hissy fit he threw when our players got rid of Connolly/Holmes…he forgot about the Galway hurlers though


He mustn’t hate yis that much when he couldn’t wait to tell the country why he voted for Clarke over cluxton. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:Is it a case of my enemies enemy is my friend type of thing? Regardless he is a poor journo.


He is a gobshite


Can’t disagree with that.


Quote of the year. Very succinct.


Great write up on bassy. Truly remarkable in what he has achieved.


It was a nice article and a great example of how a player can change and develop. I remember thinking Gilroy was mad to bring him back, that he was a disciplinary accident waiting to happen. But he really improved and has been a great servant for us and well deserving of his All Ireland successes.


Independent sports having their awards night

Dublin footballers their team of year . Con young sportsperson of year


Oh yes it’s great to be vindicated by the Independent alright. Home of the heavyweights … Keys, O’Rourke … and Breheny. I reckon our lads crave this one more than an All Star. Meath Colm wanted to give us two awards I believe … just so everyone got a chance to hold it …