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i lived in Galway and had to put up with that - sure we won two Sam’s since Dublin won the last one in '95.

i use to mention that while that was true , we had more football and hurling all ireland’s won than them.
makes the wins that bit sweeter when they use to taunt you.


General slagging and abuse from fans/ordinary shams is one thing. We are talking about media here, national media in some cases. It’s a whole different thing. Mayo do not get negative media attention apart from the occasional short-lived nonsense from the likes of Bernard Slieveen Flynn who is simply just an utter numpty and really should be ignored.

I don’t even care about the bias to be honest, I actually think it helps us at this stage, but I just want to see them called out on it.


Gavin has won that award before - won it in 2013 iirc


Reason is Dublin n mayo are not Kerry so until the Guadians win again then everyone is fair game for media abuse n slagging… it’s only when Kerry are winning that true mythical and legendary footballers exists

If any team should be getting slated it de guardians as they were an embarrassing shambles who could not take their beating this year and amazingly are still managed by a guy who is a serial tactical error …

Good news for both of us is he is staying on


He did win it in 2013. Think media situation with Dublin is far more embittered now than it was then.


Yup, I was delighted when Mayo stuffed them. Kerry will always be overrated.

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Vaughan off to Castlebar?


He’d hardly wouldn’t be considered because his team dropped to IM ?


Lee Keegan was playing Intermediate before this year.


Exactly .


I’m sure the indo could have found a better photo for the article.


As for the caption, “tackles”…


Perfect picture, one of the pivotal moments in last year’s final.


Yeah, the angle with Rochford holding his head in despair paints a much more accurate picture of what a monumental mistake the tackle was.


Reminds me of the AI in '11 when Ger polaxed Dec O’Sullivan .O’Connor was distraught on the sideline .


I don’t remember that, I guess I’ll just have to WATCH THE WHOLE THING AGAIN. It never, ever, gets tiring.



Amazing :slight_smile:


He’ll probably be fired over it!!