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Spot on. When you’re doing it right, why mess with it? Success can make fools of the best of us.


I ca t see how you come to that conclusion from that article. But each to their own ya miserable oul git!


That’s a good one, me out-ranting you. But I stand by it, it’s another slieveen effort full of disclaimers otherwise known as caveats. “In a bad year for standout performers”, or multiple words to that effect, come on, it’s obvious the chap is looking for some Dub kudos while keeping his hand firmly up the cow’s arse.


We’re all gods children except off the ball idiots and McKenna / cabbage



Great article. The snubbing of Jim Clucko and Con this year have bee a disgrace. However I reckon all three are more intent on keeping Sam in the city to the joy of the Dublin fans who truly treasure this group and are proud to be Dubs.


Agree. Though it’s good to see the likes of Kelly write articles like this.


Agree. The few gaa journalists that can manage to be fair & balanced should be calling this out. Very good article by Kelly. Fair play to him. The bias & prejudice against this Dublin team is wrong. As Kelly writes it reflects very badly on those involved in these decisions.


Agree with this though RTE shiund be taken to task the fact that a few select ‘executives’ get to make these selections are beyond me.


It could be worse…no? People are jealous of Dublin’s success…so will look to pick hole and find faults. From our point of view plenty of crap is thrown our way from being labeled bottlers to the pity brigade which believe me you don’t want.

I’d rather be in yer shoes that’s for sure. Would you rather the country felt pity in you and are behind you (which quickly evaporates) or be winning all Around you and just ignore it for what it is


I’d like respect to go with the winning. Leave the emotional baggage at the door when making selection. If Kerry can get it so can we.


All teams should be respected in my view. Dublin should be rightly lauded (and in many cases are) for their exploits on the field. Equally Mayo shouldn’t be sneared or jeered at every opportunity.

Sport is emotional though and brings out the best and worst in people. Funny that the two best teams in recent years both have issues with the media. I suppose if they aren’t talking about you it’s worse


I’ll take the medals. Respect doesn’t do it for me.


Winning is not the main thing, it’s the only thing. Well actually, that’s not true. But regardless of the fact that we all want to win much more than get awards, these are national awards and the fact that the way they are being handed out is a very clear insult to our senior (and underrage) footballers and management cannot not be just let go.

To put it another way, if this had been done to Kk or Kerry there would be a national enquiry. But of course, it would never be done to Kk or Kerry. This snub is the outcome of, and the continuation of the bias and prejudice we have seen allowed go almost unchecked since 2011. I mean you’d think we were the team that brought in systematic off-the-ball fouling, or blanket defense. Instead we are the team that has tried to make it possible for great football and (mostly) honourable play to be winners too.
Yes I know “all teams do it”, but we all know that it was brought to higher levels by some teams


I like your posts @mayoman but in all fairness we are talking about two completely different things here.

I agree with Al - there is a deliberate and concerted snub against this team and management and it should be recognised. Yes we have all the cups and medals etc but that doesn’t mean this kind of thing should go unchallenged.


Different strokes Alan… but yes of course I’d take medals and SAM any day. For me this year was the very personal attacks on Gavin and the team by sections of the media. I don’t care if they like us but show some respect. That’s all I ask.


What he said.


That’s fair enough but the Dublin and Mayo situations are very different. Mayo seem to get extremes of positive and negative media comment neither of which are all that accurate with some of the negative comment in particular such as Flynn’s AOShea comments being pathetic self serving bull.

What’s happening with Dublin is entirely different. A level of blatant media bias, prejudice and small minded jealousy is allowing a negative slant be put on the achievements of a phenomenal bunch of players & manager. And this is then tied in with what is a deliberate attempt to ignore / undermine our achievements in how these various awards are decided. Not only that but the awards then get tied into events such Philips Manager of the Year Aard which as happened yesterday involved inviting Jim Gavin to the awards and then have him sit there while award he should have got is given elsewhere while the smug fuckrs who made the decision sit close by congratulating themselves on getting one over on him.

You’re right though in that at the end of the day these awards come a distant second to wining what we have won. You can take view, ■■■■ the whole lot of them for their jealousy, bias, ignorance and delusions of self importance! And that is probably the right approach. Makes our wins all the sweeter. But ultimately I like others here ain’t going to let it go without calling them out on it. As I said earlier fair play to David Kelly for calling this out for what it is. Hopefully one o two other journalists will do the same


I hope so as well. Though only feeds the trolls on off the ball.


We all defend our own I guess. It’s a bit easier fight back though when your county has the medals to back it up. I remember hearing a commentary replay on radio Kerry after they walloped is again in 2006 and Galway man Sean Ban (TG4) fame sucking up to the Kerry men saying Mayo were losers and Galway were the only men west of the Shannon who could bring the cup west…and I’ve had that thrown at me plenty of times…very hard have a serious football conversation with anyone outside Mayo before they invariably start the bottler crap…

Does not bothar me as much anymore…I’ve accepted we will be the source of fun for the country until we win Sam.

Goodwill to Mayo is there sure but there is plenty of mockery to go with it