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No problems with what JC said. big clap on the back fir him. Only thing that will bothar me is that prick cabbage head will get some oxegen out of it. And no doubt McKenna will be all over it like a flying around shite.


Oh , he had a response .Id link it here but a couple of people might start crying about it .


Can’t get that link to work


It wasn’t a link . This site does that sometimes , link words by accident , I’ve seen it before .
He’s comparing JC to Trump now .


Get ta f*ck… Really???


Yes , it’s too explosive for the sensitive souls here .


It’s the usual shite. The only thing I learned that was new is that the fucker is back in Athy. I knew I could smell shite driving through it last week. Anyway off the ball will have a wankfest this week with molloy, gru and McKenna all bemoaning the Dublin monster, I’m sure they will have Mr. furious to give his opinion.


He also thinks Kerry where hard done by with the amount of Dublin ‘funding’ the chap is an arsehole. Financial doping. He really is a shitebag.


JC has him rattled to his core . The wording was perfect & a direct up yours to the likes of him .


Well done Philly.


Funny I hate the off the ball ■■■■■ more. I really do. They have have fed the anti Dublin narrative more than anyone else.


All as bad as each other in my eyes . Wooly just isn’t as articulate as the others, an idiot who amuses me if you will .


How does it benefit Dublin to engage with the media at their level? The sort of eejit who believes the guff published in these outlets aren’t going to change their minds just because of Costello. Even if they did, so what? They are unlikely to contribute in any meaningful way to GAA in Dublin.


JC says it as he sees it and fair play. Absolutely delighted he acknowledged Denis Bastick and Dotsy​:clap::clap:


People like to see their own defended - it’s nothing to do with changing minds. It’s natural. Loads of posters here - not eejits imo - have backed him 100%. You are the first to criticise. What does that tell you.


It just shows what a bunch of hypocritical twats populate OTB Towers these days. They give out that Jim Gavin & Co are too tight lipped when dealing with the media, press conferences are very boring etc etc. But then when one of our own is open, frank and honest in his views (as well as bloody funny too boot) he gets ripped apart for it. He just can’t win either way.


Tells me that people have strange priorities. The amount of posts complaining about media coverage says it all.


It’s good to know we aren’t all sheep here . I agree with the others comments about JC though .


Really? I just found it to be a more clever than usual begrudging, ah sure there’s not much else out there, sure just to be different we might as well give it to that bollix sort of a piece. Damned with faint praise really. Annoys the fook out of me even more than honest begrudging articles.


Ah I like to be up front DiH - as indeed you do. Better than throwing in snide remarks here and there.