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Irish Times has it for Monday.


To be fair, club executive officers were issued it this morning


John Costello calls reaction to Dublin’s success ‘puerile’ (via @IrishTimes)


Just a reminder as to how lucky we are to have that man in our corner. The polar opposite to Frank Murphy! :slight_smile:


The points are good, but the style is more akin to a celebrity columnists then a secretory’s report. It should be more Sean Moran (Irish Times) and less Joe Brolly. That ka-ching thing isn’t really fitting (even if the fundamental point is).


Thing of beauty if anyone wants to read in full. John Costello deserves a big slice of credit for a lot of the positive things going on in Dublin Gaa. He rightly sets the record straight on the narrative the Dublin have it all their own way and success comes easy and not as a result of the serious hard work put in by players, coaches, clubs and administrators.

My only hope that John Costello isn’t head hunted to replace Páraic Duffy as director general.


I was thinking that if he does want duffys job he probably would have been more politically correct.

I’m happy enough for him staying where he is !


Wonder what the difference in the salaries would be. Is it worth leaving the DCB and the current glory to be director general and the target of the many disgruntled gaels out there. With a Dublin president elect for the next 3 years I doubt the other 31 would like a dub as dg as well.


The audience aren’t all IT readers. Good mix throughout with plenty of other good points made that they won’t cover … which proves that ka-ching works. JC knows what he’s doing …


Sure we get all the money anyway …


Bringing up the GPS thing, while maybe unnecessary for a report, demonstrated a clearly angry Costello who was pissed up with media and officials mostly ignoring it preferring to exagerate the dublin forwards close contact on the mayo forwards to the point of cheating which of course was absurd.

And Costello is right - Could you imagine the roles were reversed and someone like connolly threw the GPS on the mayo free. I suspect Connolly would be disgraced and mayo would probably have missed the free anyway after it was retaken twice by COC


Writing style does not come into it really WiFi. However… I feel it’s a fantastic retort to some of the sentiment out there and I feel it’s worded succinctly and effectively. He needed to write like that to grab the attention it deserves IMO. I think the man is a Demi God in Dublin GAA. I found him to be more than helpful to us whenever we’ve needed him. I can be pretty certain Dublin GAA would be in a significantly worse place if JC wasn’t in place for us at the helm. It’s no coincidence his initials are JC! :slight_smile:


I think Costello is brilliant and we are lucky to have him. I agree with what he said but part of me wishes that he had said it in a more understated way.


I understand what you mean but sometimes these and of seasons briefings are a bit a blow out. Players, management and officials connected with dublin generally hold their tongue very well all year, think there is a little bit of venting frustration along with standing out ground against some of the onslaught.

From a Gaa perspective I’d pick John Costello for DG all day long. Good people skills, long term thinker and not into big spending on white elephants like Pairc Ui Choimh.

From a Dublin Gaa perspective he would be a huge loss as he id the driving force behind a lot of the positive things happening at grassroots and county level.

Supposedly Jarlath Burns Armagh and Peter McKenna the stadium director are the hot favourites. I’d hate to see McKenna get it, he’s so fixated with commercial opportunities it would be the kfc Hogan stand before long.


I would have preferred if he spent the time used to write catty comments about the media to instead continue his outstanding work improving Dublin GAA.

You’re not going to out-wanker Twatbook or the Indo. Nothing to be gained from trying.


That’s why he’s nailed on. The GAA director general no longer has to even like GAA to do a good job. It’s ALL about the money now.


Not what he’s trying to do at all. He won’t get involved in anything further. He is reviewing the year from his perspective and calls it like it was - as he does every year. None of us disagree. He is perfectly entitled to call out bs and defend the Dublin position. We don’t have to roll over - we can call it like we see it too. He spends plenty of time doing things other than catty remarks.

Disappointing remark from you. Must be getting culchie-cised down there …


Surely he won’t get it???


Why not?

As I said, it’s all about the money. Nothing much else matters to the elites at the top now.


Can’t see it myself …