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Yeah, but if it was torture for us, imagine how it felt for the other crowd?

What did It MustBeSaid call it - sadism at its worst?

Whatever floats your boat Martin !

(But there wasn’t ever any malice in it. Honest :wink: ).


The first minute would still be tough…!

#2647 is about to explode


Always worth waiting for. The only report worth reading from the only person that matters :wink:


Oh no , the GPS tracker was brought up again , this will not end well …


Any non-indo link to this?


No … :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I could cut and paste for you but I’m not going to! :sunglasses:


Any link to the full report?


It’s in the Irish times too


fair fucks to him


Strange that the report doesn’t seem to be on the county board website yet.


County Board convention is tonight, my guess is that it will be online after that.


Disappointing to see the journalists getting access to it first so. Looking forward to reading it!


JC usually issues it in advance by way of a trailer and the pork pie hats then seek out the ‘controversial’ bits. There will no doubt be some other very good stuff in it which they will ignore … but sure we can discuss it here …


They always do, you won’t get the same bang for yer buck if the report is already in the public domain, tis the nature of the press unfortunately


Not til next Monday (18th) I think?


I thought it said in the Indo article that it was tonight, maybe I was wrong?


Must be - front page of the online report has 18/12 on it.


He should have said WRONG! instead of UNTRUE for each of those points


Don’t know where the hell I read it so…