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Hmmmm, could describe someone on the Dublin panel too. Or on most county teams probably!


Would have made a great 5k runner. The ball always seemed to get in his way saw him as a minor in tuam1989 and he was immense


Actually voted against on the recent poll for adding Indo links & normally run a mile from the rag, but this is a fantastic if somewhat self serving article from Joe Brolly.


Dubs’ greatness epitomised by Cluxton


That’s a a great article… I like this bit

Three times during those breathless moments the ball was given to Stephen Cluxton; their very own security blanket at the back and the man who would take the steps of the Hogan Stand for the fourth time in five seasons.
While around him others - including the man who was voted goalkeeper of the year ahead of him - were losing their heads and making mistakes, the veteran goalkeeper was calmness personified.


Great article surprised indo sports desk let it go ahead. I’m sure breheny is penning his reply as to why Clarke is a superior goalkeeper. But history will judge cluxton and judge him very favourably.


Who wrote the article, praising Cluxton? (Despite it being favourable on Cluxton, I still refuse to click!!!).
By the way, although I never click on indo website stuff, I voted against their links being banned. It’s all down to individual choices.


Ruaidhri O Connor


Did that article come via the Herald?


So, someone wrote a nice article about the Dubs. Do we all feel better and more validated now? :wink:




Not a chance. But someone actually called David Clarkes brainfart for what it was. So lets hope the rest of the media in their siren induce sleep come around to that. Still doesn’t change the fact that media are a joke shop.


Was that keep ball at the end only 74 seconds as he says in the article? That was the longest 74 seconds of my life. Even in hindsight I would have thought it was much longer.

Mind you, it’s a pity he didn’t play on for a another 30 seconds, Kevin Mc was just getting lined up for a run on goal.


Tomás Ó Sé is a class act


Think Joe decided he had given mayo more than enough time to equilize /win game


Those 23 passes just underlined the greatest of that team , any other team when that ball went out over the sideline would have tried to go for a hail Mary score and given mayo another chance to gain possession .Grace under pressure.


Can’t imagine the best player ever to pull on the Dublin jersey doing that …


Exactly… when he seen Dublin break forward with the ball he had that whistle in his mouth quicker than COC looking for a free when an opposition player brushes of him.


As Einstein said "put you hand on a hot stove for a minute and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour and it will seem like a minute. That’s relativity.


If you had your hand on a pretty girl and were sitting on a hot stove at the same time what way would time pass?