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I’d love if the mods locked this thread - the indo gets too much publicity here . And it brings out the worst .

We have a separate media thread - we don’t need this one


Meanwhile in ucd


Went down to UCD to watch it, it was cold but good game


I’ll close that poll tomorrow . It will be business as usual if the vote remains the as it is .


Wasn’t even your parish!!!


I’ll close the poll , the yes side has won , link away !




I’ll let @TheParish explain, if he wishes to. :grinning:


I’d say if the poll was done outside this thread it would have lost ! Lots of posters have enough of sense to ignore this thread !

That paper is a rag lads .


Well there is a poll thread now, your free to start a new one & put in the option of banning all links to papers which some think are garbage !



Yeah if I was from ‘down the road’ I probably wouldn’t be over it :wink:


Bad enough, I had to live on that land for nearly 14 years…



Seeing as my side lost the poll…
Poor clueless Dermot Crowe in the Sindo has decided to pick a toughest 15 in football. He includes softies like McManamon and lads who never mixed it like Tompkins but leaves out Eamonn Heery, Keith Barr, Coyle, Ger Power, Noelly, Paul Galvin and Darragh O Se! At this rate, Joe Deane is a shoo in for the toughest hurling team! Is this worth a thread of its own?




McMenamon is tough, what’s wrong with saying that? It’s not equating toughness with being dirty




It was Colm McManamon of Mayo.




Tank of a man he was (and still is) but his shooting was wayward to put it in the nicest way possible