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Its funny in a way, the worse the Bindo gets the closer to Brehenys level of join the dots/coloring in journalism they fall. His assertion about players from Rathnew V Raheny is as bleedin obvious as comparing the attention that the opinions of Man City player would get in comparison to those of someone from Yeovil. Jeez Martin whats your next earth shattering revelation? rain is wet? snow is cold?

Monkeys with typewrites could churn out this fellas copy


It’s very simple. Don’t buy the Indo. Don’t read it. Dont click on it. Don’t mention it here. We should have a poll on Res Dubs in relation to banning it and links to it. That poll will win. That will be that.


Set up a poll… and we’ll see where this goes.

  • Allow the Indo links
  • Bin the Indo links

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Don’t know if this will work , first try but sure delete if necessary.


Democracy feels great!!


It’s not a secret ballot anyway! :joy:


We try to be as transparent as possible on Res Dubs !
You can change your vote any time apparently :joy:


I presume, as in all good GAA votes, a 95% majority will be needed to change the current status.


Democracy doesn’t include banning free exchange of ideas :wink:


There is no such thing as democracy. The owner of the Indo owns a huge quantum of the media in Ireland. When rules about monopolies have clearly been subverted at a national level, it’s time for Res Dubs to act- in the national interest Alan!!


I think we need to get the output from Breheny, McKenna, Billy the goat etc. As it is a great barometer of the feelings of the other 31 towards us. It is a focus for our own angst or ire, which if the club football thread is anything to go by is something we really need so we don’t turn on ourselves.


Breheny still hates Raheny for having harbored Vinnies all those dark years of the 70s/early 80s when the apocalyptic scenario for Kerry first raised its terrible head.
Whelo was to be the next white hope but they saw that era off, Hickey has had a big part in the resurrection, and just when he thought our midfield would undermine our chances of up turning the proper order on any lasting basis up popped Fento, the rest is history, and it sticks in his craw.

I vote we don’t veto the Indo, I for one thoroughly enjoy my daily free dose(DOSe?) of their latest madness and badness. And the few good bits too.


Some people are going to ruin this poll for the rest of us!!


Well said, and get too full of ourselves, a sure sign of doooooom. No really


Al please don’t mention the dark days when we had to accommodate Vinnies right in the middle of the parish.

I’m just about getting over it.


Bit of respect for Parish please!!


Are we putting a time limit on this , say 24 hours or more ??


Once my side gains a lead, we can say the time is up!


You might be waiting by the looks of it :astonished:


■■■■■■■ Democracy!! Ruining everything! I may have to join Halligan and head for North Korea if we lose!