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I actually thought Rock was a poor free taker when he was young. He was only average enough on the frees on the u21 team that won the AI. But he improved year on year and is probably the best in the country now. I don’t think the flat track part of it though was particularly correct in relation to him - pressure or the occasion never seemed to change his percentage chance of scoring.

O Connor is definitely affected by the occasion, but probably every player is. Rock is protected by an almost perfect technique / technical set up, but O Connor isn’t so clinical (from the hands he can’t be), so when the pressure invariably makes you 4% or 5% off target, it can be enough to hit the post or send it wide. Apart from the frees I think O Connor is decent, but not in the ‘marquee’ range of a McManus, or Geaney etc. As you say, he is too one paced.


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Rock’s lack of distance puts him behind free-takers like Sheehan. And he is prone to the occasional tee-shot fluff.


Sheehans poor record inside 40 yards puts him behind Rock. Rock easily has the distance inside 45 yards which is 95% of where frees are taken. His percentage’s in 2016 and 2017 are off the wall with only a few blibs


Fair enough. My impression is that he isn’t so strong on 45s and beyond, nor with angles.
On the subject of his general play, Dublin county final aside, he has become on of our best three forwards.


Billy reminiscing…


i know keane is a pain in the arse most of the time but he is gracious enough to acknowledge that his peripheral involvement with kerry at that time was of much more benefit to him personally than to Kerry football.

Billy has seen very very black times, was lucky enough to have family able to bail him out financially and pull him through but despite all the muck and tripe he writes he doesnt deny his dark days


The once forgotten man of the indo sports desk, but not anymore now that he is weighed down with the big award of scoop of the year or indeed any year, Has a little dig Dublin. Dig a little dig of me.


That was a subtle segway to Dublin alright .
Let’s pick a player , any player , eh , eh , Wicklow player.
.Let’s say he might be good enough to play for Dublin .
Cool .
So , let’s say if he grew up in Raheny rather than Rathnew .
You can see where I’m going with this right ? Right ?


And yet we keep linking this sh1te to this site …


Yes we do so what’s the problem? I want to have a gripe about It, You don’t have to read it!


I really have to be more patient …


It will do you no harm.


To read it, you need to open it… by opening it, it doesn’t matter if you read one word only or the whole article - it’s a click. The advertising revenue available and payable to online media is somewhat based on the number of “clicks” the article gets. The more clicks Breheny gets, the more dosh gets, the more it can pay Breheny to keep re-hashing the same old tripe, over and over again.


Has FF resigned yet?


Well don’t click it Beeko. In the greater scheme of things 30 or 40 redirects / clicks from res dubs is not keeping breheny relevant or winning more scoops of the year awards.

I think it’s fair game to discuss the article particularly in my opinion when he is having a sneaky pop at Dublin GAA and using Fenton as an example Becayse of his own chip on the shoulders. But it’s simple for me One doesn’t have to click / read it if one doesn’t want to.


I don’t, and it’s been a very, very long time since I have done. I just think that by reading his articles, you are fuelling his wherewithal to continue to do so. If you ignore him, he will soon become irrelevant.


We can ignore , doesn’t mean the rest of the country won’t .


I dunno the fella has been writing shite for years and is still there so it’s going to take more than a res dubs dirty protest to shift that fucker.

I respect your position though but I still think it’s relevant and important to discuss. And one has a choice to do it. If mods feel that we shouldn’t post links particularly indo gaa sports desk content I’ll happily toe the line.


And, likewise, I respect yours. I don’t there’s any line that we are being asked to toe. It’s all down to opinion and options.

Media, in general, is becoming more and more reliant on online content and revenue. The Irish Independent newspaper edition, although declining in quality continuously, is still not as bad nor declining in quality as rapidly as its online version. If you look at some of the links that you can click on from (and their sources - UK Daily Mail, Daily Express, etc) you will see some links to utter trash. That, as much as (if not more than) poor journalism, has turned me away from logging on to content. The has become far more anglicised than even its paper edition. Breheny, and his ilk, will soon become irrelevant. That will happen quicker if his items are “clicked” less.