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Boyle, Higgins and Moran yes. Mayo are far from a one man team but come on Mayoman you’re a sensible lad, Cillian O’Connor is nowhere near the level required for a team like Mayo. Forget about Brogan or Connolly being in the red and green, if Cillian was dropped the last two years yous may have two in a row.

He’s very average and imo would struggle to get much game time in a few senior club teams in Dublin. I don’t know what sort of control he has over the management but id be putting Loftus in ahead of him and giving the free duty to Durcan from range and Moran from closer to goal.

But as a Dub, yeah he’s great, keep picking him please :grinning:


Is this the same COC that scored a last minute equaliser in the 2016 final? And a great point to level the game in injury time in this year’s final? Who sticks over most frees and 45s and puts penalties away?
Maybe they don’t have anyone else who can do that. Just saying.


His missed some big ones though tbf .


Most 45s? The last 2 years? I’d say his conversion rate from anything past 35 metres is terrible. Plenty of straight forward frees missed in the last 2 years


Harvey Weinstein syndrome?


Don’t foul on twitter shows CO’C has a very definitive 35m arc on frees, outside of which, he literally goes to shit.


Fair point Napper


His formulas dipped the last 2 years no doubt but he has been top scorer in 3 of the last 7 years and I think the comment that he would fail to make some
DuBlin club teams is very harsh…he needs help up front for us.


How many games has he be playing the last few years? Of course he’s going to run up big scores playing 6/7 games a summer against dross. I think he’s generally poor from play, gets involved in too much unnecessary antics that lets be honest if he wore blue, well let’s be honest he wouldn’t be in the team, and he’d see red very regularly. His free kicks are also nowhere near where they used to be so i don’t see a future for him in that team. The no help up front argument falls on its face when you realise he has had POTY playing alongside him. Some really fine footballers in that mayo team but he’s not one of them


O Connor is an average footballer, but easily the least likable character in the game. Combine Donaghy, Ricey and Graham Geraghty and you’re still not near O Connor


This may surprise you: - cillian is not the top man but he is not average either. I think your letting your dislike for him cloud your judgement


But sure those stats only go to 2015 @mayoman. I think it’s generally acknowledged that O’Connor’s contribution has dipped - especially in the last two seasons. I also admit I have no time for him but I don’t think he’d make the Dublin panel either. His contribution from play (scores and general) is poor in recent seasons.


Last two years he has dipped I’ve already said that. I don’t believe he is average or below average as claimed here though.

That’s my opinion. Nobody knows what effects players though off the field etc so I
Won’t be so harsh on him.


He doesn’t help himself in all truth …


Ah come on man. He’s just not that good. Don’t think anyone said he’s below average but have said he is very average, which he has been for over two years now. Nothing to do with my dislike for him. I am capable of seeing what’s infront of me. Perhaps you’re loyalty to your captain is clouding your judgement?


There was a time I thought Dean Rock was a flat track bully and a consistent free taker . He has developed well beyond my lazy analysis . I think it serves as a good description of O Connor though . For me he is one paced and uninventive . He is also very cynical.


Won young player of the year a couple of times didn’t he ? I wouldn’t agree he’s not good . I think he lacks bottle in certain scenarios.Scored a good equalising point in the drawn '16 final but you’d expect him to score that .But he did miss the crucial free in the replay & hit the post this year with a very scorable free . When the pressure is on he’s left wanting imo .


I’ve watxhed him play club and county for a good few years now. On form he is a very good player. Look that’s just my opinion.


‘It was totally unjust on Stephen Cluxton’ - Billy Morgan on All Star controversy and a lifetime with Nemo Rangers


Morgan and nemo reminds one if heffo and Vins in so many ways