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I agree, thank you .


So, what do you guys think of Lee Keegan?


Would have him on my team in a flash, just don’t ask me who he would replace :wink:


Think I going to have to smash all my fingers and toes with a lump hammer, to stop myself. Anyone willing to do the deed ?
No, no one, not one !


I wouldn’t want LK, great player but only gets away with murder coz he’s with the nation’s champions.


Great player but has he ever kept the greatest player of all time scoreless in an AI final ?


@Nappertandy you can’t be making comments and not clarifying them when asked, that’s not how this works. You’re still yet to tell me what you meant by you’re “doing the right thing” remark, and now you’re refusing to tell us what animal rights have got to do with Lee Keegan. Perhaps people would be more willing to engage with you, if you actually explained some of the crazy stuff you come up with.


He’s the pick of Mayo’s squad, and the only universally held automatic starter for when he declares for the Dubs. He can dish it out, but he can also take it on the chin. If Mayo had two of him, they’d be back to back All Ireland Champions.

28, and needing both hips done - the weight of carrying that team finally took it’s toll.


Ouch :drooling_face:


Dislike of players who cheat/bend the rules, big fan of the Rás and given to bouts of hyperbole.

I have it! You’re Paul Kimmage, aren’t you


I know this place can be a hive of insult and insinuation, and often way out of order.

But c’mon man, there’s no need for that kinda of talk…


You’ve cut him deep Shreck you’ve cut him deep.


You overlooked not easily offended which rules out the cabbage.


No ye can work away…I’ll keep singing “to win just once” to myself here.

I’ve refused to even touch the Sam Maguire on the 2 occasions I have been in its company


No sure he is carrying Mayo…Boyler, Higgins, Moran and Cillian have been players to the fore for us over the past 7 years. If anything another scoring forward (B Brogan or Connolly) and we would have an All Ireland.

Refreshing to view your opinion that we are only one player short Jaden…I get the feeling that a few here think we are overrated ?? :wink:


Andy had a good year, but he’s getting on.
Cillian has been out of sorts for a fair bit now. The mantle of Captain must weigh heavily on him. Can’t be trusted with pressure kicks.
Boyle is a 50 minute man at best, but decent for those 50.
Higgins would make the Dublin squad alright.

Of the rest, Loftus sticks out, the rest are middle of the road at best, with more than one overrated.

If you had one more player of the quality of Keegan, not just one player. He is probably Mayos once-in-a-generation-you-get-one-this-good plyaer right now.

On paper, Dublin should be handing out double digit hammerings to Mayo, a la this years league fixture. Then again, games are not won on paper. Watching games between the two, there seems to be nothing in it, then you see the dog’s dinner Mayo make of putting away considerably weaker opposition, and what we do to the like’s of Tryone. It’s a head scratcher, to be sure.

I’m looking forward to Castlebar in the spring - I hope youse cut the grass this time - I’d like to actually see the ball this year.


I would have thought Johnny Logan’s - “What’s another year?” would be more apt… :slight_smile:


Mayo have reached a stage now where they produce form in both All I semis and finals. They have a really strong defensive system and excellent transition. They don’t have the strength in depth to add two or three scores to the total, or at least, they haven’t had so far.

In terms of possibly outlasting this Dublin squad to win an All-I in this era they either need them to lose in the Qtr final, or if both sides make the likely semi-final, they need to get a day like the first half of the 2016 drawn game where Dublin don’t show up and then make enough hay to defend.

Of course the Super 8s will probably make shit of any likely pairing predictions!


Hate that song and I used to to love the rare aul times but I can’t even listen to that anymore either cause it brings me back to the seconds after an All Ireland final whistle goes and Croke Park sound system blares it out for Ye :weary:


It’s ok mayoman.

We can put in a request for them to play to win just once next time.