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And you crying & moaning whenever someone says anything about Lee :rofl:. Ycnmiu


Napper, you are a disgrace for equating false rumours about Lee Keegan having a life-limiting illness with events on a pitch. Anyone who agrees with you is a disgrace as well. Fact. It’s disgusting and wrong.


Bad form.

Don’t care if your the biggest tramp on the pitch from Dublin, Kerry, Mayo, Tyrone or wherever, you don’t deserve to be the subject of rumours of being seriously ill.

As for contemplating your approach on a pitch - why would you do that based on a false rumour ?

I don’t like the way keegan gets a virtual free run for the pulling and dragging, but i’d have him in a heart beat on any team.


That’s fine, it doesent really bother me. Without naming names, there are 2/3 Dublin players that I don’t like without actually hating them. I am sure hey are sound lads off the field.

I personally know and went to school with a few Mayo lads, couldn’t meet a more down to earth sound lads is my experience of them. Having played football against 2/3 others, yeah would love to clobber them on the field but that’s it,…:it’s left between the white lines.

I think people need to separate what goes on in a game and real normal everyday life.


I didn’t, and again and for the last time what I said is there in the thread for each to decide themselves. You having a want to misinterpret and dress up a reply with a sensationalist headline of moral indignation is nothing new in these clickbait times. If my comments on a cheating failure who has dubious values when it comes to animal rights rises you to moral indignation, what level of indignation do you rise to when real sickening acts are committed, get into the real world stick to the truth, have fair comment on what I said and not what you feel requires a level of interpretation that allows you to play the hurt victim. Sensitivity in the extreme we don’t require another Moran around here end of :+1:


Am I the only one confused here?


I’m sorry but WTF has animal rights got to do with you making an absolutely ridiculous statement like the one you made above?


If you don’t understand it how is it ridiculous ?


You made a comment about Lee Keegan and animal rights, enlighten me on the connection?


I’m sure your well aware of my reference.


christ - this is like infinity war around here. Can we just not all hug and sing we are the champions? Mayoman you can join in on the hug aswell but you can’t sing we are the champions. Just wouldn’t be right.


No, I’m not and it’s you’re not your.

If you’re referring to that video that did the rounds a few years ago, I would suggest that you have an unhealthy obsession with Lee Keegan that the world and it’s dog have long long forgotten about…


I note your track record in relation to fair debate and your ability to suspend a poster when it is your want. Forgive me but I will be refraining from debate and reply with yourself.


Is that the giving the dog a smoke video ?


You note my track record in relation to fair debate… :joy::joy:

ONE incident where as you have been told both here and on twitter, there was unanimous agreement amongst the mods as to how I handled it at the time.


I note the mods supported your action. I did not, I have moved on, but I have not forgotten. Personally, I believe you to have been over sensitive and I would prefer not to draw on that trait.Is that acceptable ?


Yeah and I believe you to be a wind up merchant and as much as I will try not to draw on that trait, I have to take note that other people have called you out on a ridiculous post above. Is that acceptable?


Is this the most elaborate wind up of all time or what’s going on here?


I assure I am on no wind up. All my posts are there to clarify that point. I accept I do not run with the herd and my honestly held opinion is most likely in the minority within the minority.
I bear no ill will towards you and appreciate being allowed to express my opinion particularly as it is more often than not, at odds with most. :+1:


That’s fair comment but on the flipside, you also have to understand that the mods have the best interests of the forum in mind and whether you choose to agree or not with how we handle certain things, this place cannot be allowed to descend into a free for all. We have been at pains to outline to users that if you have an issue with a post, use the report function and we will hopefully deal with it accordingly.

I would like to think that we can draw a line under this now and move on from this :slight_smile: