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Did this rumour originate in Mayo? The entire ordeal seems just as bizzare as it does malicious


I’m not sure you live in the same reality as the rest of us…


I m absolutely sure he does nt.


Fortunately I’m more interested in doing the right thing than being in the majority. I don’t post on here to be liked, I post here to express my honest opinion rightly or wrongly, I can accept criticism and insult but like anyone with integrity I would prefer people to be respectful. With respect I don’t know what your reality is, but I note your failure to do the right thing when opportunity presents itself. Let’s leave it at that will we bud :+1:


Hold on now. You put up a disgraceful post about Lee Keegan which you were called up on. You then did a strange u turn. Fact is that you should not have said what you said. Nobody here is against you in any way.


Failure to do the right thing? Care to elaborate? Because as usual I haven’t a clue what you’re on about.


I put up nothing disgraceful about keegan I actually refrained from putting up what is evidenced out their on the net. He is not the type of character I have respect for and while I wish no ill will to anyone, I stated that when someone is a victim it might give them cause to reflect on their own actions and behaviour. That is not trouble making its a fair honest opinion.
No uturn .


I assume so but who knows ?


It was an appalling post and your next post about ‘no person should’ was an absolute u turn as you knew you had gone too far. If you think throwing the technology piece during a match equates with the rumour that was spread, then frankly you are out of line.


Your have no respect for lee Keegan’s character…what about someone like Diarmuid Connolly? We all see our own as whiter than white.

Lee is far from a saint on the field, neither is Cillian…I can admit that. Mayo were long enough with 15 “nice guys” getting slaughtered in Croke Park.

Also my Connolly reference is not a swipe at the man…I’d have him in mayo in a heartbeat


I’m not referring to the gps incident alone, I’m referring to more aspects to his character than that. I’m expressing my opinion of the lad and I stated being a victim may give him cause to reflect. My further point was not a uturn it was an affirmation to clarify that respect should be for everyone not just players. You have your opinion of someone and I do not wish to colour that, while I do recommend you might do the minimum of research before you rush to judge. I stand over my opinion and ask only that you interpret it as it is wrote & without the drama.


You’re yet to clarify your comment above about doing the right thing btw


And on what the major issues are with Lee Keegan’s character.

Did he kill someone without me noticing?

And please don’t say the GPS thing. Another load of bollocks.


These rumours are reprehensible .

Doesn’t take away from the fact he’s a cheat who has done some questionable things on the pitch . No amount of your codology will change those facts !


Sorry Cillian is a sneaky yellow fecker no where in the same league as keegan. Keegan I can respect we have players like him. He is a leader and gets the job done. COC is not hard or tough just sneaky. Sorry man I know he is your county man but I have no respect for him.


I don’t really mind LKs actions overall per se, lots of players have done bad things, it’s the way he gets a free pass and held up as a hero where others would get fileted if they did the same things that bugs me. People won’t hear any bad said of him because he’s a brilliant player. They attack anyone who says anything bad of him. It’s like some sort of golden balls thing.


Virtually every inter county player has done questionable things on the pitch. How do you think they get to where they get to?

You’d swear to God that Croke Park on AI Final day should be like a play school with everyone holding hands with a by your leave and so on.


I would agree we are more forgiving of character faults in players from our own county & I think that is a flaw in all supporters. Dublin players being able to walk onto any other team in the country I would accept as a given. I have made my opinion on the mayo team clear over the past couple of years and accept it’s possibly in a minority of one and treated with disdain.


Doesn’t matter , the facts don’t lie about Lee .Your free to comment on any other player as well if you want .


And you’re free to cry and moan about it ad nauseum.

Great oul country all the same