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Fair point, Sergeant Lefty.


Disgraceful story to put out. I heard it myself 3 weeks ago but didn’t believe it. Leeroy has recently had a hip operation so someone added 2 + 2 and got 5.

A line has been crossed when it comes to the privacy of our amateur players. Irish people love gossiping and “pub” talk is rife.


Maybe MS stood for manhandling shirtripper.


I don’t think that’s funny considering the nature of the rumour. Plenty of keyboard warriors online today calling MS “missing sam” and other saying “so what” in relation to Keegan not being ill.

seriously f@&&ed up people out there


I seem to remember a similar rumour doing the rounds about Brian Dooher . Bizarre stuff .


Best ignored. I took myself of twitter because it’s one fucked up environent. Though how they even came up with the concept of spreading a rumour about him having ms is outrageous. Yeah your right there is some seriously messed up folk out there.


Where did the ms come from ? Hip operation mistaken for bone marrow transplant ?


Well if any good can come from this it might be that he reflects on his own behaviour .


Are you referring to Lee Keegan? Please say you’re not??


What a ridiculous post.


Your obviously on a wind up. No player should be subjected to vicious rumours. What he done on the field is irrelevant here. Some of our lads have done worse over the years.


I would go even further and say no person should and I would add ALL life should be treated with respect .


Strange strange place to be making hints about the 8th amendment :joy:


Disgusting that you think the 8th amendant is something to be ridiculed.
When I say " all life " it is in reference to my strong commitment to animal welfare.


And what relevance has your views on life got to do with this thread?


I would say as much as anyone else’s .


Well this had taken a weird direction :upside_down_face:


I haven’t looked back up this thread but as a general point, I’d love if the Irish Independent thread here was locked or deleted

I was on a hotel break with my family this week where only the Independent was available as a grab and go newspaper ( hopefully because the IT ones were more popular and gone) and i make a point of not even flicking through it let alone grabbing it


Jaysus it’s all taken a right turn round here lately. People are getting more sensitive than a sensory therapy room.


I object to that. I m sensitive about accusations of being sensitive. Show some sensitivity.