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Clerkin is an absolute gobshite of the highest order and lives up to his name…


Hmm yes - see what you mean …


noun (Irish) vulgar, slang
a stupid, foolish, or incompetent person,
a gobshite
"he’d have looked like a right gobshite bringing the lawnmower for a walk around a baldy garden"


Connaughts decision not to enter the railway cup doesn’t seem to have got a similar level of attention, when you consider that there would be a mayo contingent and it is in December (so almost zero clashes with club).

Also, yellow dicks reply of “depressing and disappointing” wasn’t what he said to jack. But, you know what cowards are like.


**[quote=“Unbelievable, post:2441, topic:27, full:true”]

Would you place 6 finals in a row with 3 wins 3 losses over 5 final appearances in 7 years with 5 wins no losses , bizarre. So they’ll only match the 70’s team if they reach the next 3 finals .All they needed to match the 70’s team was 3 AIs and a back to back .They’ve won 5 and a 3 in a row .I wouldn’t equate losses & appearances in the same bracket as wins & appearances .
But , your free to feel that way :wink:

This team’s achievements are of course greater in the way you describe but the six finals in a row is nonetheless something only two teams in history have done. Even the greatest Kerry team didn’t manage it. OK it’s a bit arbitrary but in terms of Dublin and Gaelic football history it’s still something. As was the six Leinster wins in a row I’ve no doubt despite the lack of fanfare about it and the changed times in which it was matched(now surpassed).

My point actually is there’s still some goals apart from winning All-Is that might be better for them to focus on to keep the feet on the ground, including the still running Leinster record, and if in the process they win the next All-I then that’s a bonus. And in hindsight it would be an incredible achievement of course. I just think they will be trying to focus on anything but that particular one as that is the more likely thing to distract them in an All-I semifinal for example.

Unless of course they reach the semifinal and come up against Mayo…


We have surpassed the 70’s team - the record speaks for it self - but I agree we are not finished yet


I agree, I challenged him on it and I think supporters should do likewise when opportunity presents itself.


Nope. He did not go missing in big games. I fully agree that he has lost all self respect with this nonsense but he did not let his county down on the pitch.


I suppose the point here is and the Clerkster knows it well, the CR series/game is not prioritised by the GAA, the All-I is. There’s no way any lad would either choose to or have to make the choice of missing an All-I champ game due to a new job. Even if constant training etc meant they couldn’t fully commit to the job. Being in Oz for 2-3 weeks is a whole other matter, the distance from home being one major aspect.

If the CR game had become hugely important it would be prioritised accordingly and in fact it is but these are amateur players, again a point Duck would have used himself when it suited him.


I agree he should be challenged on it, but, on the other hand it’s also giving him oxygen to fuel his rant.


He feels he needs to get it off his chest so he can expectorant …


Asthma da used to say. Catch yer breath kid!


Would agree, the benefits of challenging the protagonist as opposed to starving them of the oxygen of publicity they so crave can be negligible and sometimes counter productive .


Can only be a good thing. If AM can have a stellar Indian summer so can Berno


Lee keegan has had to put out a statement denying he has MS. How does this stuff start and who starts it. In medieval times I.e pre-social media paddy Cullen was the victim of an appalling rumour. Some whack jobs around.


Now that is shocking. Christ there are some real low lifes out there.


I blame @Dub09.
Sorry, I meant @Dub95.

Seriously though, it is terrible that such a rumour starts up and has to be denied. No doubt, it grew wings on the internet.


Honestly, what sort of clowns start such rumours? Sad individuals. Good to hear he won’t be out for too long


Just a heads-up Nappertandy. You should link to articles or selectively quote from them and provide a link, not paste the whole thing. You’re stealing content from the original pubisher. Sites have got in trouble for that in the past.

I know, I know. Nobody voted me the internet policeman


I appreciate the heads up, it’s the amature in me, all constructive advice is very welcome :+1:


Dont worry, Dublin GAA will be getting the blame for that as well.