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Absolutely, Wheelo is doing what all pundits do on the national broadcaster. He’s “appearing to be” unbiased. And rightly so. Believe it or not, he’s the correct fit for us. Absorbs the bullshit, counters with semi harsh responses. He is employed not as a representative of Dublin, but as an unbiased pundit. Fair play to him, when the shit is really thrown at Dublin (aka: O’Rourke’s spilt Dublin in 2) he comes out with all guns blazing.

Probably clouding my judgement as I thought he was one of our greatest, but I think he does a great job on TSG.

Remember that goal V Armagh in 2002? Sweet mama of Jesus!!!


Id agree with that too .He carries himself very well on TSG and I’ve always been pleasantly surprised with his knowledge & analysis of the game , he’s no mug that’s for sure . He’s probably the only dub panelist who I wouldn’t be too worried about when saying something controversial because he’s pretty good at backing up his points .
He was always a hero to me during the barren times , never shirked a challenge . I always had a bit of the MDMA about him when going for points but he was certainly a 100 times more accurate than mich.


What’s the last bit about, You Whelo pints and mdma? Sounds like a mad night.


I got the hee bee jee bees when I’d see Whelo go for a point :rofl:


Exactly - and maybe he should have clarified that just to hole Clerkin’s inane ramblings further below the water line. Clerkin used Whelo’s comment in a context in which I’m sure it wasn’t meant to try to hang his anti-Dub bullshit.


Nail on the head but RTE is another entity that loves to stick the booth in Dublin. All we need now is that bland as ■■■■ turbridy blaming homelessness on Dublin gaa on the toy show.


Whealo my all time favourite player. He is up against the real cabal on the Sunday game. Donaghy boxes Aido the people’s champion and cooper not asked his opinion on it. Only short of been asked so Colm where you going pints after? If that role was reversed and a dub boxed donaghy they would be all sitting g there with a hanging rope fir whealo.


Cooper was fortunate that Kerry lost because a lot more would have been made if it had Kerry reached the final . They’d have been in the same boat as us regarding Connolly against Donegal in '11. And from the footage I don’t think Donkey would have got off but they probably would have highlighted Aido stamping on his foot which they’d argue instigated it .


Anything for a photo opportunity.


You are giving Clerkin credit where he deserves none. His article was a disgrace. I read it yesterday and was waiting to see if there would be any comment.

Just to put things in context. On saturday he announces on twitter that he would be calling out the dub snub.

during that day he was involved in a conversation on twitter with Jack McCaffery about it. He asked McCaffery if he was ok with the fact that dublin were not represented on the Irish team.

McCaffery’s reply was “Perfectly ok. It’s not as if a blanket invitation was given to any Dublin players who fancied a shot. None that were asked were available. I’m sure some of the lads would have loved to play. Get over it.”

Clerkins reply was “Fair enough Jack, honest answer. I personally would have been very disappointed not to see my county represented, but each to their own I guess”

You would have thought this would mean that he would go back and re-write this article and refer to what he has been told by a man who was actually involved.

In his indo article he writes

“With that in mind amidst all the social media crossfire, I simply asked Jack McCaffrey was he ok with Dublin not being represented in Australia . ‘Perfectly Ok’ was his reply. A disappointing if unsurprising response”

As you can see he was very selective in what part of Jack’s reply he used. In other words, he set out on this with a pre-determined agenda and conclusion and he stuck to it, to the extent of deliberatly taking a quote out of context and putting a negative comment on it.

Afterwards, after many saw this and called him out on, his only statement was

Doesn’t need any further debate after today. It was what it was, and reasonable to query. You can make up your own minds” IOW he will not back up what he has done. He may be a Dick, but he has no balls.

Clerkin has 12,400 followers on twitter who saw the ture event, but perhaps 400,000 saw the fabricated version in the indo.

Ok, we know that this is how media works, we have seen many times people saying “I’ve been quoted out of context” but here we have clear evidence of it being done before our eyes.

And yet we have the print media whining and gnashing their teeth over dropping sales, wondering why people treat them as fake news and say they are not credible. You have Vincent Hogan wrigning his hands and crying about the dublin team not engaging with the media.

Well, Vincent, there’s exhibit “A” for ya. Read it and weep next summer.


Excellent post Dubintipp. We live in the age of click bait. Indo is a redtop in all but name. Clerkin has form for been a smarmy ■■■■■■■. Right back to the time in Parnell Park when he moaned about kids been on the pitch at half time. ill say it again its open warfare on Dublin and everybody is lining up to take a shot. Bton down the hatches and lets all push back on them.


A bit like his football career. Always went missing in big games over the years.

That would have been the logical thing to do but that article was really about Clerkin getting his name in the media.


This. All day long, this.


My dodgy hard-drive in my head tells me that Whelo was a magestic point-taker most of the time, he just didn’t attempt it too often for whatever reasons, no doubt partly because he was banjaxed trying to do midfield virtually on his own and because the wisdom of the time (as the years went by) was for him to be very bulked up, which didn’t suit his natural athleticism.

I also think he does a great job on the telly etc. The most perfect of almost straight bats…


Ah no I agree he was , they were usually long range points but he had his fair share of row z ones as well so I was always a bit worried when he lined them up .


Can ya blame them though ( Dublin ) after what’s been written about them the last couple of years . They want us to engage with them yet they continuously write disparaging stuff about us .It’s mental , what exactly did they expect .
And the less they interact the worse that will be written .It’s fairly clear that all within the Dublin panel & setup are not remotely bothered about the media or dealing with them .The DC fiasco proves that as Jim used that as motivation to win this year .
It will be interesting what Jim comes up with this year to keep the “hunger” up . They’ve won it all , set records & eclipsed the 70’s team to become the greatest Dublin team of all time. They are in bonus territory now .I’d imagine Jim has his eyes now on the Kerry team of the 70’s . It will be some task , whether it’s achievable is another thing .


Can’t afford to think that way I feel More of the same, with adjustments in ways of course. We still have alot of goals in terms of performance, and still aren’t close to matching the 1970s team’s 6 finals in a row. Alot depends on what the old guard can offer, and if things can be shaken up so that some players can have different roles, such as CK in a more attacking role.


Would you place 6 finals in a row with 3 wins 3 losses over 5 final appearances in 7 years with 5 wins no losses , bizarre. So they’ll only match the 70’s team if they reach the next 3 finals .All they needed to match the 70’s team was 3 AIs and a back to back .They’ve won 5 and a 3 in a row .I wouldn’t equate losses & appearances in the same bracket as wins & appearances .
But , your free to feel that way :wink:


The way this team interact (or don’t!) with the media is most certainly down to the way the media have treated them. No one is asking for the media to be Dublin cheerleaders - just for a bit of balance and proportionality - which is rarely if ever forthcoming.

There is one winner here … and it isn’t the media.


The Dub Snub piece on twitter was purely clickbait by Clerkin to drive interest, he got called out big time by James Mc over it.