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I think the dublin lads know how to do off seasons


Fenton I presume .


Years of winning all Ireland’s, knowing the offseason - passing the baton down to the younger lads, team holidays in January…

Gavin does it well


Could people maybe just lighten up a little?

Not everything I say needs to be taken as a pronouncement from on high!!


That is sad stuff.

Actually found today’s game exciting, there were decent spells in the second half when the teams were going end to end. The faster movement from the mark these days helps a lot.

Michael lyster was a tool afterwards about Dublin and a moronic comment about some of the afl players coming to Ireland “the gaa can get them good jobs” you have to wonder what he was at there at all.

At he end of the show he said the evening highlights would have extended analysis. It didn’t it was a repeat of he morning show with o shea and Kiernan being interviewed by Marty.


I saw most of it , first time in years I watched a lot of a compromise rules test. Can t see the attraction, thought it was sloppy all around from both teams. I lived in Melbourne in 1997 and tbh could nt get into Aussie rules at all. I think I d rather watch rugby league( that’s not a compliment btw) Very little of eye catching skill in it and I think it s a cross country runners game overall . Most of the kicking is aimless , posts you would really need to be shite to miss ( even cillian o Connor would score ) . Aussies place great emphasis on fitness ( strength and endurance) but I be hard pressed to name a player from the afl who I get excited to watch a la Connolly, gooch , Stephen o neill etc


Sure they get a point for hitting it wide :sweat_smile:


Exactly rewarding mullaghers.


The only good thing about it is the fielding .Your literally kicking the ball into an open goal & get awarded points for missing too .But yeah , its a physical , manly game .Just what the auzzies like .They should not be out scoring us considering we are using a round ball .Imagine if we had to use the oval ball , it would be a farce .


An oval pitch ffs. 4 posts no nets no keeper , it’s like something from Harry Potter. ‘‘Tis muck and the gaa should steer well away from them.


Will you stop, weekend away rather than 2 weeks in Australia and a few weeks training for it, give over Alan.


Story was Fenton had a new job & couldn’t get time off . A weekend away is manageable.


Again, maybe don’t take everything I say too seriously.


And another for hitting the post!!!


Dick did nt learn his lesson and went ahead with his Dublin avoid international rules malarkey. His argument consists of repeating that Ciaran Whelan said it was disappointing no dubs traveled. Might apply for the editor s job there. If dick can get a columnist post after all I m in with a shot.


Wouldn’t read that Dick but his assertion of a snub based on Whelo saying it was disappointing is disingenuous to say the very least. And that’s all he seems to pinning his vacuous argument on. A bit disappointed that Whelo didn’t wade in here and clarify what he meant. Surely he’s not afraid to correct his media buddies.

It’s gas too to see who gets these gigs. Clerkin is as boring and anal as they come yet gets work.


Personally think Whelo does a poor job in sticking up for the Dubs. He did to a certain extent on the Sunday Game after the final this year but in general he could do more.


read the article the big difference is on twitter he was calling out the dub snub to Aussie rules in today’s article he refrains from snub and expresses the same dissapointment as Ciaran whelan that their is no dubs rep on the team and that Dublins skill would have been valuable, I would call that a big turnaround. I would ask why he didn’t get any of the facts from JOE kiernan.


That was probably one of THE most focal defences of Dublin I’ve seen on TV . He was only short of getting up & bitch slapping somebody. And the discussion was completely out of order considering the time of it .


My take is that whelan was disappointed but more with the circumstances and timing that prevented them from going. He was nt having a go at any of them. Certainly was nt implying that they snubbed( though I wouldn’t blame them if they did).