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As a licence-fee payer I would love to know how much Colm O’Rourke earns from RTE. As a tax-payer I would also be keen that his many other commitments, voluntary and paid, are not affecting his work as a school principal …


Credit where it’s due. St. Pats is one of the top schools in the country, on and off the pitch.

Not really relevant to the discussion either :wink:


I think it is. Colm also hammers Nama whenever he gets a chance … and even when he doesn’t. Great that he has such a platform to square all his old scores …


Cpl years ago when I used to buy the sindo ,o Rourke used his column to defend Michael ’ fingers ’ fingleton .So no surprise he hammers NAMA , and the fact he is still employed as a teacher and is allowed to spout his bullshit on this or on Dublin GAA.


Colm “marched” in support of the Quinn’s and what a great bunch of guys they are.
Obviously no link between them and NAMA :roll_eyes:
Colm is just looking after his mates


We best not even mention his constant derision of the teaching unions in front of Alan either. I suppose if you’re earning thousands of euros in your other jobs you’re not too pushed about teachers’ pay.


All of the above is true. Especially his comments about teacher unions.

Anyone any comment on the obscene figures in the GPA’s report?


Difficult and unfair to comment on ‘obscene figures’ when even the basics of how many people are involved is not clear. Unless you are Colm O’Rourke.


Tiresome cant. Let me assure you that while I can’t stand him, his other jobs don’t affect his school. As a tax-payer, you should consider who you vote into government. That’s the only thing that affects where your taxes go.


Obscene is exactly the word to use.


Jesus… I know cancer effects everybody, but christ there is not a week that goes by when I hear of someone off all generations battling it. Scary fuckign shit.


Played the last 2 league games…well
Came in at half time in the second last v Donegal and changed the game in Mayo’s favour as Donegal tried to target him and lost the plot.

He was injured before that from playing basketball


I don’t click into any of them links so if you can post yourself the figures.


Nope. You don’t want to click on the link then don’t bother.


It’s an link - I’d imagine that is his reason why he doesn’t want to open it.


Correct beeko but to be honest I couldn’t be arsed at all really. I hope it’s loads of money they get and I hope they enjoy spending it too. Well deserved


Collateral damage for GAA who miss out on ‘substantial’ cash boost:
This is a very worrying view of our organisation and it’s infrastructure going forward more concerning it is made by someone at the top. Pairc uí caoimh got its funding as part of rugby infrastructure.Being part of the rugby bid because it’s in the national interest I would not totally agree it is in national interest and secondly it should be in the interest of the gaa firstly and fore-mostly, which money aside I don’t believe it is .
I for one believe failure to secure a successful bid is in the best national interest and the best interest of sport in Ireland .


Good old frank.


I see poor ol Dick Clerkin is trying to remind people he exists. He s on twitter posting that he s going to have a go at the dubs for not participating in the shite that is the international rules- he realises its not like conscription does nt he? McCarthy and mccaffrey were pissed off enough to reply . Grand imo , gives the players a bit of ammo for next years tilt at Sam.


Newstalk Saturday sports w*nkers jumping on the same bandwagon. Turned it off, another culchie whinge-fest, ask me hoop!