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Can we dispense with the martyr complex now please. It’s getting extremely tedious. Cluxton has a full selection of the only “honours” that matter. I doubt he gives even the remotest damn about All Stars and the rest of it.


Can you dispense with replying to me , cheers :+1:


Absolutely. And you can do me the same courtesy while you’re at it. Wouldn’t want to upset you. It seems very easily done.


No bother , it was becoming tiresome responding to the shite you come out with anyway .


Touche :wink:


And still he replies …I feel sorry for the education you provided for your pupils :joy:.
Oh…I brought your occupation into it ,maybe you’ll be “out” now .


I love a good cat fight :scream_cat:


Loves a good lecture he does :rofl:


You can have the last word if you want :wink:


As I said , tiresome …


Oi, you 2… Get a room!


No :kissing_closed_eyes:


What? You’re going to get it on out on the street?

Unheard of!



A class-room


Bart is badly missed in these dark times .


Martyr complex me swissrole according to journos on allstar panel steven has been the best keeper in the country twice in the last 10 years crazy stuff.


Yeah Kealy was the keeper that day.


I think you will find that many of them them do this already…along with medal presentations and other gala events. I often wonder how much expenses some lads get for these appearances but thankfully I don’t work for Revenue.


Some of the figures in this article are absolutely disgusting.