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You asking me?


Anyone who wants to answer.


What I would suggest would be that maybe such high profile players could be employed/used in a coaching/promotion etc capacity during the summer months. For instance, maybe have them visit various Cúl Camps all over the country (except Mayo).


Last bit made me laugh.


In s good way.


GPA is getting €6 million a year. Maybe they should be doing that anyway?


They could both do it.


You’re missing the point a little. It’s the same pot. The GAA gives the GPA six million a year. About 10% of the GAA’s total revenues to one quarter of one percent of the GAA’s members. Quite frankly inter county players suggesting that maybe they should get more, in any shape or form, is taking the piss.


I don’t think so. Because they’re worth it …


So all in all Clarke got frank roaches vote because the people’s (and most of the medias) champions back three where shite. I get it now. Be the best keeper of all time, have a near perfection year and get fucked over three years on the trot. At least whealo calls as it is. Stephen doesnt give the media ■■■■ all.


It’s funny how league and early championship form are constantly dismissed til it suits the agenda.


Indeed - we won two doubles in a row but League form was scoffed at for award purposes - we actually had less All Stars both those years … :roll_eyes:


It’s funny the journalist expliciteky decide not to take the last five minutes of the final where Clarke loses three of his last five kick outs and costs Mayo massively - in the semi period cluxton was flawless

I said it before but Clarke wouldn’t be in my top 100 players in 2017


That’s beyond harsh TBH, they wouldn’t have gotten within an arse’s roar of Croker in September.

That said, the revisionism in relation to league form is amusing although can anyone remember a specific Cluxton save from the league? It’s true to say that because our defence is so good that he doesn’t have to make many saves.


I agree Clarke is a good keeper despite his obvious place kicking deficiencies. Goalkeeping standards are nt great at present and from a Dublin view we are lucky to have had the keepers we ve had over the last 50 years or so. Look at Kerry s current crop , all pretty average . Roche is usually a Dublin centric writer considering who he writes for that’s not surprising. I think he s trying to be too smart by selecting Clarke however and has made a pigs ear of trying to justify it. Media probably just fed up with cluxton s success at this stage but if you deserve it you deserve it no matter how many times you have won it before.


Media are fed up with cluxton not talking to them, not his success, because they never got fed up with gooches success, ffs they are still celebrating it.

It’s very simple you tickle their belly they’ll tickle yours. Still doesn’t change the fact that there is one criteria for cluxton and a cherry picked criteria for Clarke.


Did oshea play any league or was he playing basketball.


It doesn’t matter. Only needs to show up in qualifiers and Connaught.


I think you’ve got it there, some very uncomfortable back-peddling going on, having realised that like a somewhat sympathetic vote, it all counts.

Also agree re-Kerry goalies. Kealy at least has been responsible for costing them dearly on several occasions. Was it him who conceded the Donegal goal in 2012?


If it was any other country Stephen would be revered for his talent & what he has achieved . I’ve no doubt if Tyrone , Kerry or Mayo had of achieved what we have this decade & he had been playing for them he have won an all star the last 3 years & probably a poty too . A shower of begrudging wanks you will ever meet in this country .They can deny him his honours but he will be remembered in 50 years time for changing the game as we know it .