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That the gas thing you meet supporters in the pub or even at game and there is no animosity. Then give something a keyboard. The hoganstand facebook is the worse for me.


That culture never existed for the most part. I ever experienced any hassle of any opposition supporters in a pub. Fans now get to exercise their anger frustration and hate in complete anonymity online now. Some of it is shocking and that applies to all counties. As for Willie Joe and his moderation maybe he needs to draft in a couple of trustworthy mods to help him with that.


Are you volunteering your services?


I note it is a pun free site so at least that’s a blessing …


We have to pay for them here?


Oh we pay for them alright …


They sent me to India for treatment. I had to get a pun jab …


If you’d stayed here you’d have just got a pun-ch


I don’t condone that action but Lee is the man…never lets us down in big games.


When I was there, I came across these women having a party… one of them was due to be married… I think it was a Hindu.


I hope they didn’t drink too much … wouldn’t like them to be Sikh …


Those that were were caste aside.


Hope they didn’t make a Brahma out of the crisis …


There was a bit of arjee-bhaji


They probably got what was coming to them - that’s korma …


One of them gave their Nan bread.


I was wondering what you were aloo-ding to.


This is the original piece -
Then the Indo, Balls etc got wind of it and took the quotes out that would get them the most clickbait titles. I think he definitely could have worded it better, but his point seems to be that to stop young lads leaving and doing J1s in particular or doing what the likes of Danny Sutcliffe did and going over to the States for a few years, that there could be some incentive for those at home. The line that he really shoots himself in the foot with though is the ‘The GAA is not short of money’.


Yeah but that could be bursaries or schemes or the like (Cul camps etc) and not necessarily hard cash to just stay here


And how do you decide who gets the money?

Thanks but no thanks. The GAA is not short money. Nor is the GPA now. Maybe they could stump up for it.

The vast majority of the GAA’s money goes back to the counties/clubs/schools etc. And rightly so.