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The likes of him and Declan bogue being part of the all star selection committee says it all for me - the guy is useless


Thanks for that . Clears everything up .


“I thoroughly disagree. If the awards are to have any credibility, they must be basely solely on the season just finished.”

No words…except those two


Simply breheny been petty and letting everyone know he didnt vote for Cluxton.


Sure in his top 50 he had Clarke at 3 and Cluxton at 4. He hasn’t a clue but gets an award cos the two ex Mayo managers talked to him … feckin nonsense …


He is a cut and paste merchant that writes articles as bland as beige chip wood wallpaper.


If you get a chance look back at Clarke’s performance in the drawn game against Kerry, I’d say Rochford thought about dropping him for the replay. Not even close to the best keeper this year


He didn’t need to be. He is from mayo and that’s all that was needed. The fact he kicked a ball over the line in the last couple minutes says it all. Nothing against the lad but he simply didn’t deserve this years all star.


Confused by this, half the article about All-stars other half about McGrath staying on at waterford??
Any decent journalist would’ve finished the first bit with a load more shite, and the second bit with even more shite and had two Articles :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


I guess the cut and paste merchant was to busy pointing out he thinks Clarke is a better keeper than
cluxton. To me it’s simply rubbing it in. Another moment of glory for martin.


Took this from twitter posted by a Karlbyrne,
Puts it succinctly.

Flynn Lein Final.
McCarron QF.
Harte penalty SF.
Doherty Final.

Cluxton 2-Kil,Mayo
Clarke 8-Dub 2,Kry 2,Ros 2,Cork 2


WJ is a working man…he doesn’t get to pull down posts as fast as he can. I’ve seen stuff about Mayo players over the years that should have been down sooner rather than later. Saints and sinners on both sides mate


There is a level of vitriol on that site when posters are discussing Dublin players and fans that has gotten out of control over the past year . As for wj being a working man c mon now , if he can t manage it then he should get someone in who can.


In fairness there is some horrendous stuff written about Mayo players and fans on some Dublin fan sites although I find most people on this particular site are fair if not looking through blue tinted glasses but I don’t mind that as we all look at from our point point of view :wink:


Would not disagree with you on that. My issue is the personalized attacks on players , using non gaa related issues to abuse individuals. Dublin-mayo rivalry reminds me of Dublin-Meath back in the last century. Getting a nasty edge to it.


There a thread on gaaboard on DC with over 50 pages. Very little on football. Was no mention of him scoring 1-1 Ballymun last week and when story about court case posters are quick to comment.


You’ll find most of the threads started on that forum about Dublin are by mayo fans .The absolute obsession with everything Dublin is phenomenal.


Very nasty online but I have to say Mayo and Dublin fans mingled freely where I was (Hill 16 pub) after the final last year, not a hint of trouble, the way it should be.


I’d like to report the same but I’m afraid I witnessed some trouble with a Mayo lad nastily throwing an object at a Dub.

No… hang on … that was actually on the pitch …