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No. This chap was a bird of prey that took more than just friendship!!!


Are you his barrister? :wink:

Has he come before the courts yet?


No idea!


It’s weird , I’ve actually come across people here on twitter who use their same avatars or handles here while looking at tweets from people I follow . Don’t know why people would do that .


As a fellow bird of prey I would like to distance myself from the member in question! :wink:


Does this tale of woe sound like someone we know?


Did he hand over money beforehand?


I was listening to the piece he did that night on otb, as far as I recall, he did.

His story was identical to the one many of us here were faced with and left me wondering if the same person was behind it.


Personal attacks on footballers from any county on a keyboard says alot about the “warrior” posting it my view. I think any player can be open to criticism on the field but off it should be left there especially for non-pro players.

Over on the Mayo blog I saw ONE poster reference a court case involving a GAA player and in fairness to WJ (who is not liked here I know) he pulled the poster up on it straight away and deleted the offending bit.

I know 2 inter county players going through a hard time off the field lately and like us all life is a bitch even if your playing in front of 80,000 in Croke Park. So what am I saying, give our GAA players a break and I am saying that of all counties.


I actually saw over on the Mayo Blog where WJ shut it down very swiftly.

Fair play on that, DC would be an easy target to have a pop off in a rival county blog.


Unfortunately there is an awful lot not pulled up or said and left unchecked …

I think in the main there is a lot of pi55 taking of guys here - not necessarily nasty stuff. Not into the nasty stuff meself.


And the fact that they he knows DC alot better than most .


exactly. Don’t let that be lost when it comes to WJ


Same here though - the nature of the internet. You got to try ignore the bull. There are lots of good posters here and on the mayo blog.


I don’t understand


Supposedly a member of Vincent’s too.


But it’s everywhere!!!


Blind man see’s.

The famous Brian Maloney maybe


Yeah but he left the article up long enough so all the headbangers who post there could get their Dublin are a bunch of tie rags fix . He allowed a disgraceful post about Philly Mcmahon be posted and it was left up for a couple of hours before he got called out on it. Willie joe is losing his marbles ( actually lost them long ago) and that forum is a 2 topic thread . One is a good service to mayo gaa clubs and the other a mayo is great/ dubs are cheating dirty hoors deranged cyberloony thread.


Martin ‘Scoop of the year’ breheny is delighted to let us know he didn’t vote for Cluxton.