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OK I’ll rephrase that for ‘literal’ thinking folk. According to some here, there’s a more critical set of standards for Dublin players and coaches than the players of other counties. By that I mean, as stated in the last post anyway, it’s OK to criticise Dublin players etc but if you do it to others you get pulled up and if you pull up someone for criticising Dublin players etc you also get pulled up by the same people for the same reason.



This is very funny stuff, hysterical really.


He said, they said, she said, are we been yarrarised here on mass a scale by the animals?


ASk me twiss said the Kerry chairman


They are twisting so much they don’t know which way they are facing.


Think we have always tried to stay away from personal attacks on this site , both for players and posters - yes the Dublin players will get away with more in our rose tinted eyes.
Fenton is a young lad and seems to be accommodating he got caught on the hop by a journo with a soundbite about paying lads rather than running for election for the GPA.

It’s silly to be questioning his IQ as it is to be questioning questioning posters professions here.

For the record i am not a teacher
I am an engineer so therefore i am always right (i say this in jest for those who are outraged by smug engineers)


The fact that no journo attached their name to the article with Fento says it all really…


I dislike personal attacks, and have stood up for players of all ‘hues’. So therefore whilst no player or coach etc is above question or comment, the fact that some of those here who have been most vociferous in defending non-Dublin players should have a cut off a Dublin player is a bit of an irony, though not really I suppose, as it fits a certain agenda.

Je ne suis pas un professeur either. Though apparently I was born in the Chinese year of the Earth Monkey…go figure.


Did Fenton even speak to anyone in that rag, I wonder?


I’ve never publicised what I do for a living here either, but a poster or 2 have felt it was fair game to tell complete strangers what I do. I wasn’t impressed, neither was I impressed when somebody name checked me here, he has now been dispatched to the great big aviary for his well documented sins!


Are you a loan shark?


No. But not far off it! (we could be here all day)


Pole dancer


I have got the moobs to be one!


Are you that bloke that wears the mattress placard that works for mattress Mick?


An Indo journo?


sort out your fellow club man will ya !


Was the person dispatched recently? and hasn’t been heard of in a few days, and likes to post in every section and thread and argues a lot with posters??


Was that really himself ? Does he know you in real life ?
Any word on the developments surrounding him ?