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I think people on here need to fcuk off and stop having a pop at people involving mention of their careers. Whether Alan or anyone else is a teacher or whatever else, or not is totally irrelevant. If you want to have a pop at someone and want to mention their career, state publicly what you work at yourself, or fcuk off. End of.


By the by, what do you work at See Saw? Let us all know…and sort out your grammar while you are at it…oops sorry. That was personal…like your post…


Actually, I think Alan is way out of line here. As one thing we know, is that paper won’t refuse ink, especially when you consider the rag it’s printed in. They constantly mis quote and juggle verbs used to create sensational headlines. And questioning Brian’s IQ too? Bang out of order. Or maybe you just worded it badly?


I work professionally in IT @Iomaint and pretty successful at it, even if at times my grammar can be crap !

Alan was way out of line on that post alone and I’ll stand over that.


This is a forum where the likes of Aidan O Shea at al. have been totally excoriated and not a word about it!! We need to decide what the standards are and stick to them. That being said, it is childish to keep churning out this ‘and you a teacher’ bolloxology. I was a teacher too. I’m proud of that albeit that I work in a different field now. It is petty, childish and silly for posters to expect different standards from teachers, who generally give huge time to the GAA.


Whoa , we finally have the teachers union now on the forum :rofl:. You guys really don’t like been talked back to, do ye . Newsflash , your not dictating to children here . Sling your hook if ya have a problem with it .


If they made the same comment?

Absolutely. I totally and completely disagree with it. It is fundamentally at odds with what the GAA is about.

And I’ll stand over that


Well said.

The abuse that Aidan O’Shea amongst others gets on here from some, almost always totally uncalled for and virtually never criticised by the moral guardians, is staggering.

Atr the end of the day O’Shea is a member of the GAA, same as the rest of us. By all means be legitimate in your criticism. But leave it at that.

The not all that bright comment is somewhat tongue in cheek. But if Fenton actually believes that we should be paying stars for the benefit of their company during the summer then that is most disappointing. And somewhat symptomatic of the attitude of some inter county players unfortunately.

And it’s worth noting that the original interview was by the Irish News, not the Independent, and that he is quoted directly, which would suggest that that is exactly what he said.

He is entitled to his view. But it is an attitude I think is deplorable. Far too many people looking at the GAA now as a way of supplementing their income.


He has a degree in physiotherapy so he has done something right. Cut him a bit of slack Al. He is expressing an opinion that could been taking right out of context.


Again, tongue in cheek. Referring mainly to his dealings with the media. I know he’s well educated.

Having said that what he said seems very straightforward to me.

Someone asked how I’d react if it was someone I knew who said it.

How would others react if it was Aidan O’Shea?


I’d simply shrug my shoulders and think the big dope will be looking to star in the fast and the furious 25 next. But don’t get me started on gooch I only have one blood pressure tablet left.


The standards have always been the same on this site regarding the slating of players and that is you defend your own as we get plenty of stick off the media and else where and we generally let the slating of others slide.

And for the future please tone down on your cursing as you aren’t standing at a bar counter now.

As for your last comment about ‘teachers usually give more to the GAA’ please spare me one.


Are the teachers and teacher apologists outraged because our Brian has suggested something that might stop everybody fooking off to the States for the whole whole Summer … :sunglasses:


There is significant evidence for that last comment about teachers in the GAA so why should I spare you one? As for language, I am not using language that others haven’t used on here. The ‘slating’ argument makes no sense either. Either you have independent standards on here or you haven’t. Make up your mind.


Jasus lads this 3 in row business has made us all fierce touchy n grumpy … bring back to good oul days when we won Fook all but we were happy :grinning:


No, it’s just put us on top of the world ready & willing to give anyone & everyone a lesson in any field on every subject , we are the greatest .



So for some ‘supporters’ on here, it’s not ok to criticise some players. But it’s ok to criticise a Dublin player if they do it. Then if you call them out for criticising a Dublin player they accuse others of being hypocritical. That’s an interesting logic.
There’s a different set of standards for Dublin players and Dublin GAA in comparison to others according to some Dublin ‘supporters’. Just be honest and say that, so we all know where we stand.


Of course there is as it’s a Dublin GAA site, that’s always been the case.


I imagine if we paid players to stay for the summer we still would have no championship games played