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I don’t know a single person who has any issue with such a night … or fundraiser. Brolly would gladly have gone along to this if it was in aid of the two charities. It’s where the proceeds go that’s the issue … but that has not been addressed as usual … and has never been outlined.


Yep That’s the thing. If this was a thing were say all proceeds would for example be spilt between Crumlin and Temple St or was going to say the Irish Cancer Society there would have be no furore whatsoever but it’s never be made clear at all about how much of the money is going where


I think we know where most of it is going !


I’m stealing that!!! Excellent lol


I do . And the GAA can remove amateur from its strap line
This is professional payment


Quick get more bandwidth to the mayoblog before it blows up.


Those dopes are beyond help. One of them posted today that following mayo is like being in a cult and he thinks that’s a good thing. The Scientology folk are more rational.


A shower of cults …


I thought I saw a sliced pan named after Aido O’Se, on closer inspection it said ‘thick cut’.


The powers that be say no.


Thanks for posting that. Will be interesting to see how many of the media outlets follow this up … Specifically Newstalk, Today FM and that other gobsh1te from Laois…


No need to mis-spell the word… it’s recognised in the OED…


Poor Gooch’ll probably end up having to keep that money now, it’s just not fair and him purer than the driven snow


He’s turning into quite the bull shiter , our Gooch .Made up a story about the Brolly text & now this .


More and more convinced that Cooper is not quite at home, despite all the lights being on.


What I get from this is the GAA told their affiliates not to accept money from it? Hopefully the charities will get it then … look forward to the detail … paradise papers … kingdom capers …


I think he has a serious chip on his shoulders. Maybe it’s altitude sickness of been up on that very high pedestal all these years.


Methinks young Brian needs someone to advise him when he’s talking to the media.

Either that or he’s just not that bright.


Clearly contradicts himself between the start and the end of the article. I wonder if there was some dodgy editing going on here to get a desired headline?


Very unfair and condescending remark on the player Alan - I’m surprised you of all people would call a players intellect into question for expressing a view -

if he went to your school or was part of your club would you be as unfair ?