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Galvin would smell a torn fiver in a tornado


No your wrong its totally different an unlike anything they’ve had in the past

Oh right I see it now…


Have Kerry Group been sponsoring them since the 90’s ?


Yup one of the largest multi nationals in the country has been bankrolling them for years, sure how can we compete with them :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’d laugh if the Aussies bought out KG


Think its important to highlight this. Not all counties have the resources compared to us for example.

I see a picture online yesterday of our U-14 development squad. About 60 players, 6 or 7 coaches, all had proper training gear on.


I’d say what Davy gets would be worth a helluva lot of resources. No shortage of money in Wexford … it’s what they chose to do with it and the fact that like many other ‘hurling’ counties, football is treated like a disease.

You don’t get ‘football’ counties treating hurling that way … :flushed::grin:


100k or so I’m told.


True , resources is one thing but if you read the article, this sort of stuff can be easily done properly.

_Locked "As we prepared for our championship game, we were locked out of Wexford Park. We attended for a pre-arranged training to find the gates locked. This was in preparation for the Wicklow game at Wexford Park. _

“We had to go over to the Clonard pitch in Coolcotts. About an hour later we were allowed into Wexford Park only to find a water sprinkling system in operation on the pitch.”

_Forde questioned whether they had been afforded the same treatment as the county’s minor hurlers. _

"All of this while all along we were not given access to the dual players. We were not given the same treatment as the minor hurlers. Any time we went looking about anything we were told our budgets were cut. I would like to see the spend on the minor hurlers compared to minor football, and they (hurlers) were eliminated early.

“Gear was also a problem. We had not received our gear prior to the championship. It was eventually thrown into the centre of the dressing room in a box. We had to get it initialled ourselves. There was also the question of lack of food for the squad.”

The Wexford U-16 footballers were withdrawn from a competition recently, while the county also won’t enter the Leinster JFC in 2018.


I read the article - it is not a resource issue. It is an attitude issue - and the Co Board clearly have little or no time for football.


Combined with the crazy belief that mad wee Davey is going to win the hurling All Ireland for them!


Sure Dubs Hurlers having to train in Bray Emmets not so long ago.
Seem to have read similar article on treatment of Offaly / Cork Hurlers not so long ago when trying to prepare for Championship with no access to facilities.


Dublin IC Snr footballers national league game in Kk in 1973/4 was treated like a joke. And it was really. But a few months later…



Heffo references it in The Dubs in the Rare Auld Times DVD. Heffo questioned something and the KCB chairman I think it was turned around and said to him. “If ye want the points that badly ye can have them”


That’s it. Heffo related the story on a recorded interview with Seán Óg O’Callaghan, i had it on Audio cassette tape


I see Ewan McKenna has a got a gig every thursday with the Indo. This is like Sauron gatherign all the evil fuckers together in on place. Dublin Footballers will never hear the end of it with the Kerry Media Mafia, Kabbage and now McKenna writing in our not so favourite rag. God Help Us! :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


It’s good to see him rattled abit though over the Quinlan remarks .It seems the way to get at him is to mis name him when referencing him . His ego didn’t like that :rofl:


I struggle to put this in a GAA articles thread but apart from that, and the fact of course that it’s the Bindo, what a pile of utter manure. He talks like a drunken teenager in the jacks in Quinns after a match in Croker. Apologies teens!


Ah , so we have a name now .Paul Burns .Must check him out to see his background & what links he has to Cooper .