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Having seen some Kildare camogie matches that shouldn’t be too hard



I get the feeling the extra special guests referred to wont be the same one as the previous night.

Never a truer word said not only lads being dumb enough to act like this but worse was their moronic “friends” who decded to share it.

Not a prude but Jaysus lads WTF, tough on club as I’m sure its not a nice thing for the other members to have associated with them.


In fairness most of it is simply a pair of tits on screen . It’s hardly breaking news


Oh i think it was a little more than that is now availible on line. I dont think those “ladies” were strippers …


Aye … storm in a D Cup …


Indeed. One of the ladies certainly added * ahem * extras to the show


The boys in Hairy Baby don’t miss a trick!


Cork langers going around with anything Kilkenny on :joy:, it’d only be to take the piss out of them :blush:


What, take their Smithwicks? :sunglasses:


Indeed, they even cleaned one of the hurlers helmet for him. Lovely ladies.


I believe they are “escort-ing” the team to all pre and post match events


Ask me bollix! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: A Galvin Klein design.


Looking to the past for inspiration , doesn’t say much for their current crew :joy:


Jaysus he’s getting handy money there.


_“The new design is inclusive, rich in storytelling and strong in identity.”
It’s green with a yellow hoop around the middle like every other Kerry jersey.


A massive departure alright …


I think Yerra Group would look far better across the front …


You obviously aren’t looking at it through a fashionistas eye. It’s not green with a yellow hoop, It’s a background of green which invokes thoughts of the rolling green hills and valleys of beautiful Kerry, and the yellow represents the ray of golden sunshine that Kerry football has always brought to the world despite Dublins unfair advantages… It’s no wonder Galvin Klein looks so stressed when dealing with such heathens…


So it’s basically the jersey from the 1980s. FFS :joy: