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Seen a few screenshots of messages suggesting it.


Sure it was a private party, didn’t see any club gear.


Surely only winning the Intermediate C’ship in Kilkenny is more embarrassing than any of this?


Nanny state


Thankfully however, none of those Nannies were at the party…


Media being media. Same the world over. I still laugh every time I remember that “semi-private room” line in the same sort of article about the Rossy footballers naked pool playing scandal. Or was it semi-naked? :smile:


The parish priest in ballyragget probably hasn’t seen a pair like that in Kilkenny before . And just raging he missed out


Sure wasn’t he playing corner back on the team? :sunglasses:


Once nobody got paid, ( and clearly nobody did​:rofl::rofl:), just like with team managers etc, the GAA can’t say a word! They certainly can’t say the lads brought their club into disrepute! They’ll have lads coming back off zimmer frames to hurl for them next year!


But seriously though, if there’s one lesson that all GAA teams can take from these events it’s this. Ban all phones from team social events! Young lads are a liability!


Big time


At least the sliotaris was covered up.


I can never find mine.


Has anyone ever given you the big camán?


:joy: Bravo sir!


Not only that but lads taking the screen shots of the whatsapp and sending them around too.


Just as well mobile phone screens are bigger these days.


That is genuinely the most mental thing i have ever seen in connection with the GAA. It’s a free country and all that - but holy mother of God…!!


Ardclough just need to bring a few bet down “escorts” with them to their Leinster match next week and the Ballyragget lads will be easy pickings


With all due respect, they are fairly rough looking