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Well said. And his faux modesty always annoyed me. This is the guy who told his team before and the media after the 2013 All Ire semifinal that he reckoned they would get 5 goals against us.

In fairness though, 3 goals after 15 minutes was a good start! :flushed: :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree the time element is a factor. But I would still like to have heard the tone of the interview before I would overly criticise him for it. We have people on here (well mainly me actually!) complaining out losses from the 90s and what might have been etc.


Ah that’s just you! :smile:


I should add we handed them 2 easy All Ireland’s in 04 and 06 when we were blown away…now we weren’t as good as that great team but we didn’t even make them work for it…