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That incident near the end of the of the 2015 final was quite simple. Dorothy backing into MDMA, (and jostling him with his huge arse and gorilla arms), who was standing on the line. MDMA tries to hold his ground. Dorothy goes down like he was taken out by a sniper, probably Philly McMahon bi-locating to a grassy knoll somewhere. Dorothy jumps up screaming at the ref for a penalty. Ref quite rightly dismisses the claim, though sadly didn’t give Dorothy a yellow card, nor a pair of red slippers which he really needed.

The edited version of the story is:
Donkey dives for a peno.


Pity he’s gone … best Kerry manager Dublin ever had … under him have Kerry have got worse in recent years … replay v mayo 2 years ago was an embarrassment n this years performances v Galway n Monaghan were beyond pure …


We should drop into him the next time one of us is down that way & invite him out for a Knickerbocker Glory, or a go on the swings something. He seems fierce put out that no Dubs want to play with him in the off season.


Jaysus Fitzmaurice comes across terrible in that article, no wonder he did so bad as Kerry manager, I couldn’t imagine him being very inspiring if he is anything like the whinger portrayed in that.


He taught mrs wasonthehill83 nephew in dingle sec school where he is now principal. Even the Kerry fans failed to warm to him.


Kerry people always say they love Mayo and Mayo people…ye play football the right way yadda yadda… that changed slightly when we eventually beat em in da semi.

Fact is Kerry love ya when they are beating ya…


The last line of this post is the truth.


I think Fitzmaurice has no say over how much space is given to the ‘what if’ scenarios and how much to other stuff. At the start of the article he is very complimentary towards Dublin, so what do we want really?

Thr thing is badly enough written and is disjointed. It is an important enough interview and should have been done better.

Fitzmaurice tried hard and came up a bit short, except for one year. He gave it a good lash, and put his head on the block for it.


Tony Leen wrote it, that’s clear.


I love it that that’s exactly the kind of patronizing claptrap that Kerry were saying about us 10 years ago. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


That line in highlights just sounds like a load of smut to me


Is her name not wasinthelowercusackin95 ?


His son is a roofer. Tony Leen 2.


It’s not meant to be patronizing, I would have a lot of respect for someone who puts themselves forward to do something where success is measured in such absolute ways.


We all do. But if one of our own came out with some of the stuff that EM did in regards to this particular rivalry over the last few years we’d be rightly embarrassed and others would pick him up on it. Just as Pillar got a hard time, and we have given TLyons a very hard time ever since then.


In that context, thank God for Tommy Carr …


You think but no


Fair point. But I suspect if the conversation was overheard rather then just printed it would sound better then it does. I was reading Joe Fortunes comments on the Ballyboden game yesterday and he said stuff like if a goal went in the first half it could have been different and if the wind didn’t pick up so much in the second half, it might also have been different. That could be viewed as making excuses, but the reality is that he said earlier in the interview that the opposition were better and he just is really surmising for the sake of it. Like we all do in the car on the way home from a beating. When you are faced with a journalist / journalists, in front of you looking for comment, it is very hard to say nothing. Gavin manages it, but not too many others.

I am not overly sticking up for Fitzmaurice at all. I never really warmed to him. I am just making the point really that it is hard to do that type of interview without looking back at the ‘what might have beens’.


Fair enough, we do like to indulge ourselves in wronged outrage at times, it’s one of the luxuries of being a keyboard warrior!

Anyway what odds Éamo will show up as Kildare manager before long, eager to “have another crack at the Dubs”? :yum:


You can not compare Fortune’s comments in the immediate aftermath of a match and Fitzmaurice’s woe is me comments years after events. He was poxed to win one All Ireland and should be glad of that … over achieved.