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I’d say he’s glad to see the back of the Mayo ladies anyway


Ok fair enough Rashers , it wasnt you.



Crazy he took a chance on playing ,could have jeopardized his oz rules career, kerry forum comparing him to fenton if he had stayed ??


Would have been a great if stayed. Was very good centre back/midfielder at underage.


Surprised if he doesn’t get kicked out of his club for that, or take a heavy fine, otherwise they’d all be at it, knowing that if they get injured they can still pull in the wage til recovered or end of contract


Doesn’t he play at same club as Zach Tuohy? He usually plays with Portlaoise.


Hasn’t done so for a few years as far as I know and has never done so without permission.


Stefan Okunbar another Kerry underage player has also signed for Geelong.


That shows the fear. These young fellas would rather chance their arm going down under to play that aberration of a “game” than stay at home and be humiliated by the Dubs. Let them off.


Don’t agree…you really believe that? Very hard for a young lad to turn down the chance to play pro sports


You’re familiar with the phrase “tongue-in-cheek”?


Ahh Beeeeekoooohhh! :angry::flushed::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Gaa: Without a backward glance: Éamonn Fitzmaurice on Kerry and beyond

“The penalty Tyrone got at the end of the All Ireland final this year? The very same thing happened to Kieran Donaghy in the 2015 final, but it was a closer game then and wasn’t given. But we were just about hanging in there.”


Interesting that it tries to portray a sense of direct rivalry with Gavin whereas our real rivals have been Mayo. Or maybe that’s because it’s the Kerry perspective.

Also interesting comments on Spillane.

Leen still not over Kev Mc’s shoulder either.


Thought it was a poor enough article and doesn’t reflect great on Fitzmaurice. Good portion of the article is taken up with Fitzmaurice blaming referees and bad luck for everything that went wrong for Kerry. One of his bigger regrets this year was not ‘getting a crack at the Dubs’ :grinning:

Yes right Eamonn that would have worked out well for you Dub09 what was the league score again? Has slipped my mind :joy:


It’s the greatest compliment he could ever pay himself. I was nearly a direct rival of Gavin.


The Heat analogy is ludicrous.


I suppose he held his hand up in how poxed they were thanks to Durkan’s brain freeze and the Aido/■■■ head clash and woeful refereeing display??

As for the League score - Jaysus not sure I can remember back that far at my age … was it …


Typical Kerry arrogance. They think they’re EVERYONE’S biggest rival.

Hilarious whinging about the ref. Do they ever fcukin’ stop? :joy: