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What everybody knows, but few will say. Succinctly put in this piece.



It has, sure it wasnt a classic champsionship but look at the dross of the premiership that people watch week on week out for 9 months of the year where the top 4 wealthy clubs finish in the top 4 spots 99% of the time.


its interesting that you can find plenty of articles saying the truth about us when you get away from kerry and mayo infested media

EG - Bitter uses the average age of the team to say “its not cyclical… they’ll add one or two and dominate forebver…ITS NOT FAIR!!!”

the counter argument, naturally enough, is that no team has had as many coming in from a single successful minor/u21 team. they will all age together, that is the very definition of cyclical. Adding one or two players per year? What, like every other team? Again this is the nature of cyclical team bell curves - no promises that those one or two players will be as good as who they replace.

This counter argument has been pointed out, there is the usual no response.


Brilliant Article.


Great piece by David Hickey…


Hickey is always an interesting read or listen.


Even if he got it wrong on the extra time thing on last year. I actually enjoy his attitude.


My favorite Dub ever. Intelligent,Stylish, tough as nails footballer,never took a step back and a great role model. Great decision to bring him on board by Giller. Don’t think his contribution to our successes should be underestimated.


Yeah noticed that . He s fairly critical of Tommy Lyons style. Does nt hold back in his comment.


A man of substance who cuts through the bullshit


Yep. That’s a Raheny man for you :grin: