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hasn’t had 70 mins in a while either …


Ed is from Cork, he has worked with good few of the Dublin lads through College also .


Article in de paper from Mick Quirke today absolute pile of bitter, jealous tripe re Dublin. Not far off appalling actually.

As much as it pleasures us all to see kerry and the likes of Quirke suffer it’s disgraceful that a national paper would allow shite like that to be published.




i had a quick look at yer mans twitter - giving out about hockey and a few others getting extra sports funding and oirish accents - i like the fact he agrees with one lads comment.

So now funding should be used for ensure wider take up of a sport and associated health benefits - something he rubbished before.


Someone give me a pug please. I think funding should be given to rescue pugs form some very bad humans.


Ahh stop it will yis! I’m still bursting into laughter tears at the mental image of that pug-shot and the comment about McSpew waiting to see us beaten. It’s just too much :joy:


Quirke tries to be all things to all men but the mask slips. He tweeted below after the Tyrone game … damning with feint praise. Pretending to praise but the subtle little Kerry dig all the same … yerra. Heading for 5 minor titles in a row - so much for financial doping - and not a fcuking word from anyone.


It’s an article full of snide comments & innuendo. Any positive references are clearly only intended to make it appear as if he’s being balanced. It’s pathetic garbage by Quirke. Typical of him and most of the other kerry ex players & commentators. Nice to know our successes continue to know away at him. Wait till we’re going for the 5 in a row and the desperate crap they’ll resort to. As Eamo Dunphy used to say ‘baby you ain’t seen nothin yet’ :grinning:


I’ll take this bitter begrudgery any ole day of the week, over all the patronizing claptrap they doled out when they were beating us out the gate every year.

Came across the 2011 Up For The Match recently. I know, I know… :persevere:

There was poor Bernard Snr, having to grin and bear it while Jimmy Deenihan (who is far from the worst of them) and Jacko (THE feckin’ worst of them) blather on about how much they loved the Dubs & what great craic we were when we went down for the Listowel races or Rose week…blah blah blah…

I’ll take all this festering hatred any ole day of the week over all that shyte. Means we’re doing something right !


Haven’t won 4 yet, settle there now.

The decline after Munster hope and glory this summer has driven them all another level of demented, Quirke was one of the most balanced of them but that whole team/era has produced some amount of twisted bitters. 2011 was the most killer opening blow of any era of any team taking over dominance from another.

We couldn’t say it at the time, but you just knew the way we won that/the way they lost it was going to have a massive impact on the dynamic. To this day the most popular video about that final by far, which came out at the time, is “Ten Minutes that Changed Dublin GAA Forever”. How prescient that was!


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The decline after Munster hope and glory this summer has driven them all another level of demented.

More like Munster Hype and glory. .


Seamus McEnaney: This Dublin team will win five in a row

Banty gives his 2 cents.


Thats completely wrong Trueblue, for example Banty would give no one two cents… not for free anyway.


“Ten Minutes that Changed Dublin GAA Forever"…

Guilty. Ive watched that video numerous times :smiley:


His belief that jack o c is god and Kerry and Tyrone of the 00s are the greatest teams of all time is well shite. Great teams yes best 2 of all time laughable.


He actually said 2/3 years ago that all the dublin team were full time professionals


to be fair - he is correct - Fenton is a physio, jack is a doctor , Philly has the gyms etc - need i go on !!!


It is better to be feared, than respected.